Monday, January 30, 2006

Winter Finally Coming?

It seems like winter is finally going to hit us. We have a heavy snowfall warning for tomorrow afternoon and evening, rain and ice pellets with it, and high winds. Periods of snow for Wednesday as well, amounting to 20-30cm in total. Darren brought home a notice from school today for parents to stay near a phone tomorrow afternoon in case they get sent home early. It isn't supposed to start until the afternoon. Hopefully Travis will get his two trips in before it starts. It doesn't look like he'll get to work on Wednesday. The pier won't be open if it really gets that nasty, and it isn't worth smashing his truck up. Went through that once already and still am waiting for insurance settlement money.

I set aside the baby sweater for a bit yesterday in order to make Logan a new pair of mittens and a hat. I got the mittens finished and am working on the hat. I'll take a pic when it's all done. I arrived home from work today with a big bag of yarn. I have enough to make two children's sweaters for the store. I have the pattern picked out. I think I have enough to make a size 4 and a size 8 sweater, but I will have to double check. We have a few bins of yarn that is discontinued colors, so I took some of that. I've made this sweater quite a few times. It's a Patons pattern for True North yarn (discontinued) that runs from kids right up to adult size. If you look back in my March 2005 Archives you'll see a picture of one that I made for one of Logan's little playmate's birthday. (Posted March 27.) I also want to make one adult sized out of Briggs & Little Regal.

I got a pleasant surprise tonight. I decided to pick up my lotto tickets for the week in case it's too nasty tomorrow or Wednesday to go out. I always check them on the Atlantic Lotto web site plus I scan them in the little do-ma-jiggy at the store -- just in case. Anyhoo, I knew I won a free Super 7 ticket, but when it was checked I had a free ticket and $20! Woo-hoo! Paid for the fuel I got! (That's why it always pays to get tickets double checked.)

I should really get going and put my laundry away. Hope to have some pics in the next day or two. Should get lots of knitting done if the weather is going to be as bad as the forecast!

Happy knitting!


Blogger Donna said...

Hi Sheri,
The baby sweater looks like it will be really fun to knit, despite the frogging. I love the colours!!
I am also planning on getting some extra knitting done with the storm going on. It is really blowing and snowing out there now.

7:48 PM  

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