Friday, January 27, 2006

Must Pay Attention

I have to learn to pay better attention to patterns. Last night I was working on the baby sweater for the store. I got to the part where the pattern changes (I'll post a pic tomorrow, so you'll see what I mean.), and after four rows I was supposed to decrease for the armholes. I was watching TV, of course, thinking how much progress I was making on the back. I was probably 16 rows or so past the switch when I thought about how far I had to be when I had to start shaping the neck when, "Sh*t! I was supposed to decrease for armholes!!!" Rip! Had to take it back to where the switch started. I haven't touched it since. Darren is going to a birthday party tomorrow. Today I scooted out from work to pick up the boy's gift, and I thought I might try to make him a pair of mittens to go along with it. I just have to shape the top of the second mitten and do thumb, and they're done!

I like storms like the one we had the other night. We ended up not getting anything. The only evidence that it snowed was a light dusting over my truck. It was windy as well, but not nearly as bad as what they had been calling for. Today was really cold and windy. Tomorrow the wind is too keep up, but temperature-wise it's supposed to be +5 Celsius and sunny.

Must go finish the mitten. Pics tomorrow!

Happy knitting!


Blogger Katie said...

lol! tv watching + knitting = innnnteresting results. can't wait for pics!

1:49 AM  
Blogger Shelley said...

Hi! Saw your name in the sock a month list on Knitting Mom's site and thought I'd stop in.

I see you are in Nova Scotia. I'm in New Brunswick! We are neighbours!

3:26 PM  

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