Saturday, June 09, 2007

World Wide Knit in Public Day

Nova Knitter and Heddy showed up today, but unfortunately Dorothy didn't make it. I haven't met her in person yet! She's been to the store a couple of times, but I've been off those days. Heddy's hubby, T, took the picture. Me on the left, Heddy in the middle, and Nova Knitter on the right. Every time I go to take a bite of something naughty I'm going to look at his picture -- no wonder I hate having my picture taken! Gawd! I was at least 40lbs lighter two weeks after I had the Littlest One. I had lost quite a bit before I got pregnant with him, then I was so happy two weeks after he was born, and I could fit back into my jeans! Now they're all in the closet, waiting for the next time... (I mean it -- I'm gonna print this picture so I'll have it when I don't have internet access! Cow! I look all boobs, almost like Beth! Not dissin' her or anything, everyone knows I love Dog and Family! But she's got major hooters happenin'!) Heddy brought her Jeckyl and Hyde Hederas for me to see. Wait til you see a picture when they're finished! Boy, are they two different socks.

This is what I worked on. I had the first sock finished and started the second one today. I don't like to work on non-store stuff when I'm at work. These are plain old vanilla, 60sts on 2.25mm needles with Regia 4ply Jacquard, #5273? maybe.
I picked up a virus somewhere. When I got home from work last night there were two icons on the desktop that weren't there when I went to work. Nephew watched the boys, so something must've happened when I went to work. I figured it must be a virus, and this morning when the automatic check started, it immediately came up with the virus. I don't know if I really got rid of it or not. I may take the machine to work next week to get checked.

My push mower I have resorted to using til my gas mowers are fixed. This needs to be sharpened. I bought it back in 1998, the first summer that I had my first house. It had a much, much smaller yard, and it didn't have weedy jungle grass.

See how tall my grass got? We had a lot of wet weather. With that stupid old mower it takes me two or three days to mow the lawn, especially since it got too long this time. It doesn't cut the thick stuff, so I have to haul it by hand or just leave it. It's so thick and long right now that it fetches the mower up, and it doesn't turn. I have to go over what I mow a couple of times to get it half decent.

And I have a lot of lawn to mow! This is the side yard.

Half of the back yard.

The rest of the back yard.

And, of course, the front lawn. Plus there's a spot in front of the big fence way in the back of the picture, plus there's banking in front of the picket fence that gets mowed/weed whacked, too. I can't wait to get my gas mowers back! (I have one mower, and that broke down last summer. I borrowed Dad's cuz he has a guy do his now. Then his stopped working, so I have to fix that one, too.)

This is how little Noots and Tootsie fell asleep last night. They look so sweet and innocent when they're asleep. Boy, don't they have everyone fooled!

Yesterday the Oldest One's school held their bicycle rodeo. I was at the stop sign, making sure everyone knew what a stop sign is and how to do the signal. At the end of the day they had an assembly. Each classroom had a draw for a new helmet, and the grand prize for the whole school was a new bike and helmet. The Oldest One was so happy -- he won a new helmet! Hubby's uncle was there and took his picture. I forgot my camera. I'll post it when they e-mail it to me. The bike went to a little girl in grade one who had borrowed a bike because she didn't have one. That was nice. She was so happy! She didn't know what to say. (Worked out good, too. The Littlest One needed a new helmet, so now he is happy as can be cuz he has his brother's old one.)
Oh, yes. Over a month ago the boys found two tiny snails in their sandbox. We brought them inside and made a home for them. They are still going strong! And today they found a third one. They had a caterpillar last fall that cocooned. I think it may have died. It's still cocooned, and I can see that it did change. You can see the antenna and yellow and black wings. We have butterflies now, but there's no sign of anything from this poor fellow. I moved the bug cage to the window, hoping the fresh air and sun would make him emerge, but so far nothing. That other boogily thing they found got chucked back outside. I didn't know what it was, but upon internet search thought it may have been the larva pod of some kind of beetle. That had to go.
Happy knitting!


Blogger Dorothy said...

I'm so sad I missed today. But glad you three had fun.
If I had been there you wouldn't be the only one who hated having their picture taken - for the same reason. :)
I did have fun babysitting though. But didn't get much knitting done.

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

Yay for your boy to win the helmet, that's really great! And my gosh, there's certainly quite some work waiting for you on your lawn, look at all this grass that wants to be mown! Good luck with that! And yay for KIP, it seems you girls had such a great time!

3:12 AM  
Blogger Charity said...

Well, I knit in my lunchroom at work, does that count? :0)

Sounds like a lot of fun!

We have a push mower that I like to use, but only if I can keep up on it. If the grass gets too long, I am lazy and we pull out the gas mower.

3:47 AM  
Blogger Larry said...

Hope the gas mowers get back real soon! That's way too much lawn, probably even for gas mowers. I didn't get to KIP but I did knit at home. Too lazy to get dressed and go out before the mid-afternoon. But I did get a lot done on my second sock of the current pair.

8:56 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

I didn't get a cold yesterday despite sitting out in a coolish breeze for an hour or so at WWKIP day!
Started the left side of the vest and it looks like it should matach up pretty well colourwise with the right side! Yes!!!

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Cathy said...

I'm 40 lbs heavier than my prebaby weight too! I know exactly how you feel. I almost skipped a family reunion because of my weight. However, if you keep pushing that mower around the yard, you will probably lose some inches!! I wish I could use one of those here but it's too hot and the grass is too tough.

11:35 AM  

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