Monday, December 08, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again

Never fails. Whenever school gets cancelled I have to work and miss the chance to sleep in. There's only a little dusting of snow, but the roads were too icy today for the busses to travel, especially on the back roads.

Saturday we went and tagged our tree. We were late this year tagging it, and it was the first year in a long time that it wasn't freezing out. Hubs is very fussy when it comes to the tree, but I figure once they're decorated they all look pretty much the same. We ended up picking the first one we had tentatively picked, but we still had to scour every inch of the tree lot.

Should be easy to find when we go back this weekend coming. It's out near the road. I didn't want to get it Saturday, a little too early for me. I'd go artificial, I feel bad cutting a tree down for a few weeks entertainment. But Hubs won't have a fake tree, loves that tree smell.

Here's our pick. I'd like to have a bigger tree, but the living room won't allow it. Someday when we have the rec room totally finished the way we want it with a pellet or wood stove so it isn't so chilly we'll have two trees -- one upstairs and a big mamma jamma one in the rec room. Saturday was a busy day. Had to take the Oldest One curling at 8am, then I had a doctor's appointment cuz mine got cancelled Thursday. That was quick. Then we went to tag the tree. After that was the kids Christmas party at the fire hall. They get hot dogs, pop, chocolate milk, do crafts, decorate cookies, etc. Then Santa comes and hands out treat bags of canned pop, chips, candy canes, chocolates, apple, and orange. After that was grocery shopping to get Hub's food for the road, and we got a pizza from the best pizza joint ever for supper.

We also had to finish putting the lights out on Saturday. I do have two candles in the front, but my other outdoor extension cord is among the missing, so I need to get another one so I can plug it in. I will also have to invest in two more sets of led lights for the bushes -- one set isn't enough.

Got one of Pa's socks finished. The pattern is Jules, and I'm using cheapy Bernat Sox in faded denim. I really like the pattern and can see knitting it again, especially in a solid or semi-solid colorway. I find it hard to get a nice "manly" pattern. Vanilla and ribs get a little tedious after awhile. Anyhoo, this a good one for men or women.
Happy knitting!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the socks. The colors look great with that pattern.

I haven't had a real tree since my first Christmas, we have always had a fake tree. And with the having the dog this year, I have to constantly run her off of the tree skirt, telling her it's not her blanket. And I think I have only ever gotten to put Christmas lights outside once, ever. I would so love to hang out lights. Your's look great.

5:40 PM  

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