Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I finished another pair of socks. These were Pair #4 for the SAM7 KAL, Pair #4 for the 52PPiii, and Pair #2 for SOS09. They are Monkeys in Cherry Tree Hill silver streak, started June 21, finished the 30th. Ravelry details here.

Too bad the pattern didn't show up better. I thought it would look better in this colorway, but it's really kinda hard to see. I have cast on for another pair in Patons Stretch Sock in plum that I am hoping will show up better. I haven't made it out of the ribbing yet, so it's still a mystery.

Sock knitting kinda got put on hold for a few days. See this tiny spot on my hand towards the bottom of the picture? I kept sticking a dpn in that spot for some reason, every time I was shifting my stitches on my Monkey socks. Anyways, all around that spot is soooooo sore. I put some presciption cortizone ointment on it and covered it with a band aid for a day, so it's a lot better now.

So in an effort to heal my hand I went with something on circular needles. This is my third Little Sister Dress. I'm using Bernat Baby Jacquards in cherry berry. This one is size 6 months and is being made for a friend in the US who had his first baby girl. She's almost a month old, so I'd best get it done and in the mail before she outgrows it! I love this pattern, and I really like working with the Jacquard yarns, too.

Today is the start of our town's Privateer Days. The sun is out finally, but I don't know how long it will stay. Saturday is parade day, so hopefully it won't rain. The current forecast is showers. Sunday night is fireworks night, so fingers crossed it will be clear for those. We have had really nice fireworks displays the last few years. The kids are excited for the rides. Yesterday for the first time in eons we had some organized Canada Day activities. The weather was cool and drizzly. We had a small fireworks display, and it was really quite nice. Sunday's will be a lot better, but it was nice to have something on Canada Day for a change. I worked at a local hotel for 4.5 years before working where I am now, and there was never anything going on except for the local Legion's garden party. All the tourists were like, "This is Canada Day, and you guys don't celebrate it?!" (This post is dated July 1, but I only uploaded the photos. It's written on July 2.)

And on a sad note, everyone pretty much knows I love my British sitcoms, especially Are You Being Served? -- Mollie Sugden, aka Mrs. Slocombe, died yesterday at age 86. Her wild hair colors and talk about her pussy! (cat, that is) LOL! She and Mr. Humphries were my favorites!

Happy knitting!

PS Friday and Saturday are tax free at the store -- everything in stock -- including cameras and computers which are usually exempt. Come in for a visit if you're around. We'll also be cooking stuff for people to sample using the coconut oil we sell, and reps from the cell phone and cable companies we deal for will be there as well with some specials.


Blogger Dave said...

I think the socks look wonderful. Even though the pattern doesn't really show well, it does do a good job of mixing up the colours -- no streaks or stripes!

2:49 PM  
Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

Socks look great I like that yarn. I love this little sister's dress, it was a great pattern@

6:10 PM  
Blogger Frieda said...

The socks look great , at least the yarn isn't pooling . The little sister dress is just adorable . Wish somebody around here would have a baby girl . I wouldn't mind knitting some sweet girly things for a change.

9:37 PM  

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