Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas/Boxing Day

Christmas morning the girls got their stockings. They each had one of these, and Jewel thought she'd carry hers around the house for awhile. Maggie was quite persistent that she wanted the one Jewel took. Jewel sat down eventually and tried to rip the stocking apart herself. I managed to forcibly take it from her to open it up. Each stocking had a stuffed animal in it (hah!), a rope toy, a couple of rubber squeaky toys, a little stuffed football, and a tennis ball.

This was literally about five minutes later. Froggy lost his eyes.

And Teddy lost his face! Jewel will NOT stop until the squeaky is out and destroyed. You can see the remnants of the squeaky to the left in the picture. (The little footballs didn't last the day, but miraculously the tennis balls are still each in one piece.)

Then it was on to gift opening once Nanny and Grampy arrived. The Oldest One didn't wake up til 8:30, and we had to wake the Littlest One up. They were up way too late Christmas Eve, too excited to sleep. I got up at 8 so I could get the turkey on the go.

The big present this year was a Wii. They got lots of games for it and two sports sets. I will admit right now that I can see this cutting into my knitting time! It's way too fun, I should have gotten one ages ago. We've only got two controllers and two nunchucks for now, but I will get two more sets so the four of us can play without having to pass controllers back and forth. There are also games where all four can play at once, so it will be good to have some more. I'd also like to get the wifi connector, too.

The Littlest One and his cousin had a boxing match. I've got to watch the kids, especially the Littlest One, as he gets rather close to the tv.

The bowling is really fun. I was the only one that had the wrist strap actually around my wrist. (Didn't realize you could tighten it.) The Oldest One got in front of me, I hit him in the rear end with the remote, the remote when flying across the room... Luckily I had the jacket on it, and it landed on a pile of books in front of the entertainment centre, so no damage was done, and I got a strike! The Littlest One is the King Pin. His first game of Wii bowling ever he got 189. This screenshot is game 3 or 4 maybe, he gets 236! He had all strikes and spares except for the last box, he only got a 9. He hasn't lost a game yet, the little bugger.
We each made a Mii. Every day you can go on and do your Wii Fit Age. Well, I didn't know what I was doing the first time and ended up with 80! Yesterday I did it, and I got it down to 53. I am good at the bowling part, but I only hit 1/10 home runs and pretty much suck at the tennis. I usually hit the ball outside of the court (or miss!).

Boxing Day we went to the in-laws. MIL got a new puppy. He's so small I thought he was a Siamese cat at first glance. He was totally taken with beer.

Sleeping it off with the Littlest One, lol!
These were the socks I made for MIL for Christmas. Started December 14, finished the 26th, these are night and day vanillas made with Patons Kroy FX cameo colors. They are the same dye lot, but the second sock showed hardly any blue. I don't even try to match FX up cuz there are barely any leftovers, and I'm not getting a third skein just to match. If it was really stripey like Fortissima or something then yes, it would have to match, but I can live with it like this. Ravelry details here.
Step FIL's socks were Thujas made with Briggs & Little Tuffy in granite with red mix for the cuff, heels, and toes. Started these December 22, finished the 26th. One heel looks longer than the other, but it isn't. It's just the way the sock is laying. Had to snap the photo quickly cuz Tinker (the puppy) kept trying to steal them. Ravelry details here.
I did learn some useful information for next year, too. MIL likes heavier socks like the FX, so she'll get FX and/or sport weight socks in the future. I also got the jist that step FIL's future socks should be lighter weight than the work socks I made for him this year. I did make him work socks with Tuffy one other time and some work socks with Shetland Chunky, but perhaps his future socks should be FX-like or sport weight as well. He also got out his hat I made him a year or two ago and commented that he'd like to have another one or three.

I vow this time around to start my Christmas knitting earlier. (Don't I always do that every year? lol!) I have made a small list so far of ideas for next Christmas. Lets see if it gets me anyhwere!

So for now the knitting pressure is mostly off. My Dad's birthday is Wednesday, and I started him a pair of socks. The Littlest One has a birthday on January 7, and the Littlest One's is January 14. I'd like to make them each a pair as well.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

Looks like a great Christmas. My neice has a Wii, but I don't like bowling with her because she always beats me!

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Wii is a lot of fun. I found a remote that is shaped and the size of a bowling ball on Amazon. com this year. Gave it to hubby but he has not tried it out yet. He's been playing with my IPOD Nano that my daughter bought me to use at the gym!

I vowed to start Christmas Knitting now! lol time will tell. I did pretty good knitting from mostly only my stash last year and I still have a ton left. I accomplished that resolution so who knows, maybe I will get the knitting done early or at least start it!

I got a new sewing machine so that will cut into my knitting!

Happy New Year!

6:05 PM  
Blogger Monika said...

Your girls are wild ones! :o) I hear about Wii and how fun it is, but can hardly understand it. Maybe one day I'll experience it first hand. The new puppy is so very cute. I love the black muzzle. It's nice that people like your knitting, and even tell you what I want/need. It's easier than to guess, and not get it right.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Frieda said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas . That Wii seems like great fun for the whole family , better than an xbox I bet ;-)) !

Nice that everyone liked their knitted gifts and want more . I always say the same thing , I'll start now and be ready for the holidays next year . Somehow I get sidetracked and still end up with fewer knitted gifts than I'd hoped . A list is a good idea ...

Wishing you and yours all the best in 2010 ! Take care and happy knitting to you too ...

10:54 AM  

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