Monday, July 15, 2013

Heat Wave and Crazy Summer

This has so far been one of the craziest summers I can remember.  To start off it stayed cool and rained all the time, then we'd have a week of sun and heat from hell.  Then another week of cool rain, then a week of sun and heat from hell.... Never ending cycle, and we're currently on a sun and heat from hell cycle.  My house is unfit except for the basement and rec room and our bedroom, the only two rooms with air conditioning.  Can't run an oven lest you wanna kill everyone.  All weekend we had bbq, as usual.  The killer here is the humidity, it makes it feel way hotter, and I can't stand it when it feels like you're breathing in liquid.  It was windy today, but when I got off the wind hitting me felt like it was blowing out of a furnace.  I would much prefer 10 degrees cooler.
There has been knitting going on, though.  These socks are finally finished!  Started May 18, finished July 14, they are Harris Tweed socks knit on 2.5mm needles with Austermann Step in color 07.  Love this pattern, I've used it several times. Details here.

Before finished these socks, however, I whipped up two pairs of felted slippers.  Yes, felted slippers in July.  I had pretty much forgotten, but about three months at least prior to now I'd gotten a phone call that a seasonal resident here wanted two pairs of slippers when she got here in late June.  Of course, when I was making these it was on the previous week cycle of sun and heat from hell.  I could only really work on them late at night or in the rec room in the air conditioning.  I can't stand knitting with anything heavier than sock yarn when it's too hot.  Anyhoo, the yarn is Patons Classic Wool in mercury (she wanted drab, blah!) with some leftover CW for the cuffs to break up the monotony.  Pattern is old faithful Felted Clogs.  Started July 3, finished the 12th, details here.

Last night we took the boys and the dogs to one of the local beaches for a walk.  The water wasn't even super freezing like it normally is, we walked in it.  The dogs went out up to their bellies, then it was enough for them.  They don't care for the water and will only swim if forced to.  Seems odd to me for the mixture of mutts in them.  Maggie started out well, but she can't walk very far before she slows way down, and she starts limping.  She always limps a little still, but last night I think the kicker was when she tried to dig in the sand like Jewel was doing.  She seemed to limp worse after that.  I've got a feeling she's going to limp for the rest of her life now.  (This post will shed some light on her little adventure for anyone new to my blog.)

Maggie in the sunset.

Sandy-faced Jewel.

Happy knitting!


Blogger elns said...

Sorry about the heat. We are having a chilly spell right now. I had to send The Kid in warm up pants to Soccer Camp today. The knitting looks really good. I love the sock yarn and the way they knitted up with such a lovely textured look. I have sock envy! I don't think the clogs are drab at all, but I love the colored cuffs. They look professional/commercial!

3:36 PM  
Blogger Frieda said...

You are so lucky to live close to a beach ! I'd spend all my time there , course it's easy for me , being retired and all . Super photos of the boys and pooches , they all look like they enjoyed their time at the beach ...

Love the socks ,wonderful colours . Lucky recipient of the clogs ,love the different coloured cuffs . You must be able to knit these in your sleep :-)

We've had the week from hell with the temps and the humidity . Crazy storms and ferocious winds too , but still no cooler . It should be better by Sunday .

9:40 PM  
Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

Socks I've managed - but I don't think I could knit the clogs in this heat!
Did you guys get any cooling storms like we did?

6:34 PM  

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