Tuesday, January 24, 2006


School was cancelled today because of the snowfall last night. It's melting a lot today. We were out in it earlier, as you can see. I shovelled some, then we made this snowman. I had gone out last night around 11, after everyone went to bed. It was really wet and heavy. I was soaked when I came in. It had warmed up and had some rain mixed in with it. Our satellite dish must have gotten a build up of snow on it. We lost TV shortly after supper, and it was still out when I went to bed nearly mid-night. It was back this morning. I ended up putting it on CBC and watched election results for awhile, in between Spongebob DVDs. This snow won't last long. The ground isn't frozen. Every time I scooped snow in the driveway I got gravel with it. We wouldn't use the snowblower on this even if there was enough. Our driveways aren't paved, so if the ground isn't frozen it just throws rocks and mud everywhere. We came in after we made the snowman. It was drizzling, and we were getting pretty wet. We've got family snow shovels. Mine is the biggest one, of course. Darren uses the middle one, and Logan uses the smallest one. They lose interest pretty fast in the actual work. Had to have a swing, too.

Working on my sock today. I just finished shaping the gusset. I signed up for Sockapalooza this morning. Anyone interested has until 11:59pm EST time tonight to sign up. Sounds like fun. This is my first time participating.

May have some pics of another set of finished socks tomorrow.

Happy knitting!


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