Friday, August 14, 2009

Christmas in August (not July)

Last weekend it was Christmas at the campground. Santa was there to hand out small prezzies and treat bags to the chitlins.

The dogs went for a swim very reluctantly. Well, they were forced, actually. They don't care to swim, strange things. They immediately headed back for the shore. They'll walk in the water up to about their bellies, and that's as far as they want to go.

They like to pull, so Daddy got to go for a ride. (They were leashed, of course, cuz they run away.)

No more lake swimming. The Littlest One had a big leech on his foot, and we salted it to get it off. He wasn't too bothered with that one. But then we got ready to leave and check him over for leeches he had 10-12 baby ones on his legs, between his toes. Boy, were they hard to get off! Even covered in salt they did NOT want to let go. I ended up taking him to the doctor on Tuesday morning cuz his legs were a mess. A couple of spots were red about 6" in diameter around where the leech was. (And these babies were teeny tiny, almost looked like dirt.) One spot on one of his toes was really sore. So now he's on antibiotics three times a day for ten days because they're infected. Come to find out he has a slight allergic reation to leeches. So no more lake swimming. I'm a pool gal myself. There's a swimming pool about 10 minutes from the campground that has public swimming on Saturdays from 2-4, so I will take them there when it's hot. That's the only thing I miss about our old campground -- it had a nice in-ground pool.

Last year I planted zuchinni, and they flowered, but I never got a zuchinni. (I read somewhere on the net that if you get all male flowers they won't produce.) I went out a little white ago to check my garden and haul some weeds (it's so overrun!), and lo and behold I found one!!

There's only one so far, but that's more than I got last year. My squash are all in flower, too, but I don't see any signs of a squash yet.
We're off to the campground after a bit for the weekend. It's Trapper's Weekend, and I hear it's usually quite busy. There is an auction tomorrow, and someone mentioned they do a fishing derby for the kids. Grampy got the boys each a fishing rod kit, so I hope there is one. Hubs stopped in on his way home today and picked up a portable tote, so now we can use our bathroom. There's no in-ground sewer at this place. Most seasonals have these totes that have wheels on one end, then you hook it to your bumper and take it up to the dump station by the laundromat. There are outhouses directly across from our camper, but it's getting chilly nights to have to wander across the road to use the facilities!
Hope to have some FOs when I return from the campground.
Happy knitting!


Blogger Monika said...

At first I thought you are showing us pictures of last Christmas! :o)
Eeeeewwwwww leeches! I never think of leeches when I see a lake. Do the dogs get leeches too? Your poor little guy, I would have freaked out about this. I'll never set foot in a lake again. :o) Aren't your girls happy to cool off in the water? They look like fine swimmers. Have a nice weekend!

7:23 PM  
Blogger Charity said...

Christmas in August sounds like fun! Look at that little zucchini! I hope you have many more. :o)

9:01 PM  
Blogger Donna M said...

You certainly have perfect weather for a lovely weekend of camping!
Have fun!

10:14 AM  

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