Sunday, August 16, 2009


It is WAY too hot here right now. I didn't like the cool raininess of July, but I don't like this hot, humid heat wave, either. We were at the camper on the weekend, and Saturday evening's news said it was the hottest day so far this summer. And so it continues. I much prefer temps in the low 20s (that's Celsius) for sure. I came home today, and it's reading 29C in the house! This place is just like an oven, I soooo need an air conditioner. The poor dogs and cats look like they've all been shot. At least the camper has air conditioning! I picked up a box of space pop popsicles today and had one so far, and I'm not a big popsicle/freezie person. It's just too hot for anything else.

While camping this weekend I finished BF's Hederas. Estelle Arequipa in color 210, 2.5mm needles, started August 4, finished the 15th. Details here.

I also started a Grrlfriend Market Bag. I'm almost finished the first one. This is going to be for BF's birthday, too. I have to try and finish it tonight so I can get it in the mail. Her birthday is Saturday the 22nd, but I doubt she'll get her package in time. I'll let her know it's coming.

Here's a picture of our camper. Next spring we'll put a deck on it. They brought in a load of shale to level out the lot, and it's hard on the feet. The kids like painting the rocks. They're so nice and flat they're good for that.

Jewel the fan hog. We had the air conitioning blasting, and she decided she had to lay on our bed in front of the fan as well. (It was on even though it doesn't look like it in the picture.)

I'll give a little space here and a warning to anyone who doesn't like pictures of feet to stop here. Saturday we took the boys to the nearby swimming pool for public swimming. There weren't many people there, and the water was gorgeous. Anyways, the first time I went in I was sitting on the edge, and I just kinda flopped in off the side. The next time I went in I used the built in steps. I had come out that way, so you'd think I would have realized that the bottom step to the actual bottom of the pool was quite high. Well, I stepped off the bottom step with my left foot, and my right foot kinda twisted in a funny way off the step which resulted in yet another broken toe. It's not the usual toes I break, either. Normally I break the pinky toes and the one next to it. This time it was the little piggy that had roast beef.

This was right after we got back to the camper, so maybe two hours after I did it.
This was later in the evening.
This was before bed.
This was in the morning. It's really sore. I'm supposed to play both boys' soccer teams Thursday night in the parents vs the kids games, and I don't think I'll be doing too much. We're also planning on going here Sunday, so that could be interesting, too.
Happy knitting!


Anonymous Leeniebeenie said...

good luck with your toe, I hope it feels better soon.

3:41 AM  
Blogger Dorothy said...

OW ow ow ow ow ow

1:13 PM  
Blogger Monika said...

Looks awefully painful! I hope it will heel quickly!

6:39 AM  
Blogger Frieda said...

Oh man that looks painful! Hope it heals quickly...

The new socks look gorgeous , love the colour and the pattern ! Nice work !

6:45 AM  

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