Thursday, November 12, 2015


Surprise! Something else besides just socks.  Although there are socks in this post as well.

The new local yarn shop had a KAL for the Wurm Hat, something that had be in my to do list for several years.  I finally got one made, for me, modelled by one of the kids, the yarn is Diamond Luxury Collection Pure Wool Superwash.  I made the smallest size as my hats always seem to come out so big.  I only did 8 ridges as I ran out of yarn, but I find that was plenty of poof for my likings.  Ravelry details here.

I used some leftovers to make up some ankle socks for Christmas gifts.  Details here.

I do have a couple of other things finished but not photographed yet.  Not just socks, either, there's an infinity scarf, slippers, a hat.... but socks, too, lol.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

Wurm looks great - definitely enough poof!

2:29 PM  
Blogger elns said...

Not only did you not do socks, (the hat turned out extremely well) you did ... socks! Socks that look fantastic. Makes me want to make some ankle socks!

2:19 PM  
Blogger Frieda said...

I love your socks , they are always so beautifully knit and colourful ! The Wurm is fantastic too ! That has been in my queue forever ; I might move it up the list , thanks for being such a good enabler ;-)

5:44 PM  

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