Monday, January 30, 2006

Winter Finally Coming?

It seems like winter is finally going to hit us. We have a heavy snowfall warning for tomorrow afternoon and evening, rain and ice pellets with it, and high winds. Periods of snow for Wednesday as well, amounting to 20-30cm in total. Darren brought home a notice from school today for parents to stay near a phone tomorrow afternoon in case they get sent home early. It isn't supposed to start until the afternoon. Hopefully Travis will get his two trips in before it starts. It doesn't look like he'll get to work on Wednesday. The pier won't be open if it really gets that nasty, and it isn't worth smashing his truck up. Went through that once already and still am waiting for insurance settlement money.

I set aside the baby sweater for a bit yesterday in order to make Logan a new pair of mittens and a hat. I got the mittens finished and am working on the hat. I'll take a pic when it's all done. I arrived home from work today with a big bag of yarn. I have enough to make two children's sweaters for the store. I have the pattern picked out. I think I have enough to make a size 4 and a size 8 sweater, but I will have to double check. We have a few bins of yarn that is discontinued colors, so I took some of that. I've made this sweater quite a few times. It's a Patons pattern for True North yarn (discontinued) that runs from kids right up to adult size. If you look back in my March 2005 Archives you'll see a picture of one that I made for one of Logan's little playmate's birthday. (Posted March 27.) I also want to make one adult sized out of Briggs & Little Regal.

I got a pleasant surprise tonight. I decided to pick up my lotto tickets for the week in case it's too nasty tomorrow or Wednesday to go out. I always check them on the Atlantic Lotto web site plus I scan them in the little do-ma-jiggy at the store -- just in case. Anyhoo, I knew I won a free Super 7 ticket, but when it was checked I had a free ticket and $20! Woo-hoo! Paid for the fuel I got! (That's why it always pays to get tickets double checked.)

I should really get going and put my laundry away. Hope to have some pics in the next day or two. Should get lots of knitting done if the weather is going to be as bad as the forecast!

Happy knitting!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Back on Track

I didn't get much done on the baby sweater today. Logan, Daddy, and I did a trip in the Big Truck. Darren had a birthday party to go to, so he stayed with Nanny and Grampy. I did take knitting, of course! A four-hour trip roughly and no knitting?! I took some leftover Bernat Baby Boucle in Water Slide and made a simple garter stitch scarf as my first item in this year's contribution to The Dulaan Project. I didn't get it quite finished so I completed it this evening. It will be good for a 4-6 year old.

I did get the mittens finished for the birthday gift for Darren's classmate today. I finished them up last night. They were knit with Patons Shetland Chunky in Thunder Ragg that I had leftover from Christmas socks. I used a pattern out of this book but modified it from a two-needle pattern to four-needle and grafted the top.

Lastly, here's some pics of the baby sweater after goofing it up. The first picture is where I had to rip it back to in order to correct my mistake of not decreasing for the armholes. The second one shows what I mean by how the pattern switched. (I'm not that good at correct terminology. People say I make up words all the time or use real words in ways there aren't supposed to be used. I had friends back in high school that always said they were going to make a Sheri Dictionary.)

Nite, all!

Happy knitting!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Must Pay Attention

I have to learn to pay better attention to patterns. Last night I was working on the baby sweater for the store. I got to the part where the pattern changes (I'll post a pic tomorrow, so you'll see what I mean.), and after four rows I was supposed to decrease for the armholes. I was watching TV, of course, thinking how much progress I was making on the back. I was probably 16 rows or so past the switch when I thought about how far I had to be when I had to start shaping the neck when, "Sh*t! I was supposed to decrease for armholes!!!" Rip! Had to take it back to where the switch started. I haven't touched it since. Darren is going to a birthday party tomorrow. Today I scooted out from work to pick up the boy's gift, and I thought I might try to make him a pair of mittens to go along with it. I just have to shape the top of the second mitten and do thumb, and they're done!

I like storms like the one we had the other night. We ended up not getting anything. The only evidence that it snowed was a light dusting over my truck. It was windy as well, but not nearly as bad as what they had been calling for. Today was really cold and windy. Tomorrow the wind is too keep up, but temperature-wise it's supposed to be +5 Celsius and sunny.

Must go finish the mitten. Pics tomorrow!

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Snow

I guess it's starting. We are to get more snow tonight. Most of what we got the other day has melted. Tonight our area is only supposed to get 10-15cm on snow (4-6") and gusting wind. The rest of Nova Scotia can get up to double what we get (Cape Breton even more) and stronger winds. Looks like another snow day tomorrow! I hope so in a way. Darren is very fussy for only macaroni and cheese loaf sandwiches days that he doesn't get a hot lunch, and I didn't get any today.

I finished my socks last night and am wearing them as I type. This picture doesn't show the color very well. I used Bernat Sox yarn in Hippi Hot and this pattern. It's only acrylic, so I find them comfortable but getting little "fuzzies" quickly. There was a lady in the store one time shortly after we took the Ball 'n Skein over, and she said that was the only thing she didn't like about it. I already had the yarn. The colors are nice, and it's inexpensive, but I know it won't hold up like Opal, Lorna's Laces, Socka, etc. Oh, well.

I started the size 12 month tri-colored sweater for the store. I only have like four rows of 2x2 rib done so far. Think I will hold off on another pair of socks til next week so I can get my February socks done for the Sock-A-Month KAL. Also there's the Knitting Olympics to contend with next month. I also brought home a bunch of Briggs & Little Atlantic in some new colors that we got in to make buttonhole bags.

Should really go do my dishes. The water has probably gotten cold.

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


School was cancelled today because of the snowfall last night. It's melting a lot today. We were out in it earlier, as you can see. I shovelled some, then we made this snowman. I had gone out last night around 11, after everyone went to bed. It was really wet and heavy. I was soaked when I came in. It had warmed up and had some rain mixed in with it. Our satellite dish must have gotten a build up of snow on it. We lost TV shortly after supper, and it was still out when I went to bed nearly mid-night. It was back this morning. I ended up putting it on CBC and watched election results for awhile, in between Spongebob DVDs. This snow won't last long. The ground isn't frozen. Every time I scooped snow in the driveway I got gravel with it. We wouldn't use the snowblower on this even if there was enough. Our driveways aren't paved, so if the ground isn't frozen it just throws rocks and mud everywhere. We came in after we made the snowman. It was drizzling, and we were getting pretty wet. We've got family snow shovels. Mine is the biggest one, of course. Darren uses the middle one, and Logan uses the smallest one. They lose interest pretty fast in the actual work. Had to have a swing, too.

Working on my sock today. I just finished shaping the gusset. I signed up for Sockapalooza this morning. Anyone interested has until 11:59pm EST time tonight to sign up. Sounds like fun. This is my first time participating.

May have some pics of another set of finished socks tomorrow.

Happy knitting!

Monday, January 23, 2006


We are finally getting some snow this election day. (Not that I wanted snow - I was perfectly happy without it!) The forecast is calling for up to 10cm (4 in) of snow by morning. I would expect that there will be no school tomorrow. This is only the second time we've gotten any real amount of snow this winter. The only other time school was cancelled this year was back in mid-December. Check out my archives for January 2005 and see what we had last year this time! I was just looking at it. I posted pics on January 24, the day after a blizzard. Plus a week ago to that day we had a snowstorm. Both Mondays the store where I work was closed. That never happens unless it's really severe! All the snow around the Dakota and the old Green Girl -- haven't had enough snow to use the snowblower yet. Wednesday is supposed to go back up to about 3 Celsius and rain. It must be building up on my satellite dish tonight - we lost signal, so I stuck a Spongebob DVD in for the boys.

I signed up for the Knitting Olympics today. I told her I would either be making Pomatomus or Logan's cabled cardigan. I see some people have undecided by their name or two choices. We indecisive people! I am also thinking about signing up for Sockapalooza tomorrow. I get kinda nervous, though, sending something I've knit to a fellow knitter. I think I started something when I joined the Irish Hiking Scarf KAL! I didn't realize how fun KALs were until I joined one. I like seeing what everyone else is making.

I did start a sleeve yesterday for the Casual Cables sweater, but I lost interest in it very quickly. I ended up casting on for a sock to go with one I have completed already. Today I worked on it some more. This pair is going to be for me. I am just using Bernat Sox in Hippi Hot. It's an inexpensive acrylic sock yarn. I bought it almost two years ago, I think. I also have a ball of it in Army Hot to make Darren a pair of socks. That color is the best seller of that yarn at our store. We really don't sell a huge amount of sock yarn. Must not have that many sock knitters in town. We have an order put together of some new sock yarn to get in, all Regia. Maybe it will pick up with some new stuff. I find our selection a little on the boring side.

Well, I hope everyone gets out to vote today. I stopped in earlier today on my way to town. Travis may skip out on hockey tonight because of the weather. I figured he'd stop on his way, but he won't go out just to vote, I'm sure.

Happy knitting!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Finished January Socks

I finished my January socks for the Sock-A-Month KAL. Fortissima Socka using the Opal kids's sock pattern with toe modification (see previous post for changes). These are for my three-year-old. They fit perfectly! I have lots more socks to knit, but I think today I will work on a sleeve for the Casual Cables adult sweater. I really need to finish that project. Here are some more little feet pics:

I'm still trying to decide on what to do for the Knitting Olympics. I think it's going to be either Logan's cabled cardigan or maybe I'll try Pomatomus. Still undecided. I really don't think I want to wait that long to start the tri-colored baby sweater for the store.

Off to make some lunch.

Happy Knitting!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Socking Along

I finished one of Logan's socks yesterday. He decided that he had to wear it. The other one is almost finished. I'm probably about halfway through the foot. So far stripes are matching up. (Remember - this is only my second project with self-striping yarn, and the first time for socks with it.) I didn't do my toe like the pattern. I tried it, didn't like it. I did a regular toe. I decreased 10sts across the rib "top" of the foot. (40sts) I started the round in the middle of the bottom of the foot and did as follows:
First round, 1st needle: Knit to last 3 sts. K2tog, K1.
First round, 2nd needle: K1, S1, K1, PSSO, knit to last 3sts. K2tog, K1.
First round, 3rd needle: K1, S1, K1, PSSO, knit to end of round.
Second round: Knit.
I kept this up til I had 20sts left then grafted the toe. In retrospect I should have worked the toe down to 16 or 14sts. Next time. They do fit him, he likes them, and that's what counts.

The steri strips on his right eyebrow are slowing letting go. I cut a bit of it off last night after he fell asleep. He started squirming, and I didn't want to nick him, so I stopped. I think she super-glued it to his head! Been there almost two weeks, and it's still holding fast!

I've been debating on whether or not to enter Stephanie's Knitting Olympics. There's a couple of things I could choose. One is that three-colored baby sweater posted the other day. That would be a challenge for me - anything with more than one color and I'm Fumble Fingers. Don't know if I want to wait that long to start it, though. Also I have a cabled cardigan to knit for Logan. I'm adjusting the pattern to larger needles/thicker yarn, so that may work. I have a sweater to knit for Darren as well, but that's pretty plain. I've made one like it before, and it goes pretty fast. I have a summery cardigan to make for myself out of Patons Fresco (discontinued ribbon yarn), but it's no good for me to pick something like that. I'd just be setting myself up to fail. She wants us to pick something that is a personal challenge but not set is at an unattainable reach. With two small kids I'd need more than the span of the Olympic Winter Games to finish a sweater for myself! In reading Mossy Cottage today I see someone picked 16 hats for Dulaan in 16 days. That's a good one. (Check Mossy out, BTW. Picks of our knitted items being distributed in Mongolia by F.I.R.E!) Anyhoo, I haven't decided on a project or if I will actually be participating or not.

Look what I found in my clean basket of laundry today! Guess that's what I get for forgetting to put it away!

January socks should be completed tomorrow night. Then I may work on a couple of pairs of unfinished socks or a baby sweater. Gotta start some Dulaan stuff, too.

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sock Fever

I have been taken by Sock Fever. I can count on two hands the number of pairs of socks that I've knit. But the last few days (especially since joining the Sock-A-Month KAL) that's all I want to knit. Been surfing for fancy self striping yarns. Today at work Shelly and I made a list of some Regia we want to get in. I picked some mini ringel and a couple of other new ones. So here's what I've been working on tonight. I'm using some leftover Fortissima Socka from the baby sweater I made. So actually this is only the second time and my first actual time knitting socks with the self striping sock yarn. The baby sweater was my first experiment, and only the sleeves were knit with it, and the body was solid Kroy. I am using the Opal Kids sock pattern here but only using four needles instead of five (don't have a set of five to be honest). Some of the pattern is getting lost in the rib, but oh, well. Logan will like them. I also have this picked out for a project to do for the store. I haven't started it yet, but I may after I finish Logan's socks. It's a really cute little sweater. I'm not making the hat. The main color isn't quite the same as the picture. It's a little more purple although you can't tell in this picture.

We've started the ever-hateful inventory at the store. The worst part this year is going to be the yarn. Right now we have four or five boxes of yarn waiting to be put out, but Shelly wants to wait until we've counted what we already have. The boss wrote our sales program that we use for the cash registers, and he added a yarn inventory thing that we can put in different dye lots and quantities of the yarn. We were doing it the old way that the former owner had done forever - big binders with pages of the different yarns. The sheets were like a spreadsheet (kinda), and each one listed color, dye lots, and however many of each ball in stock. This will do away with the books. Also each ball of yarn sold had to be written down on a sheet with type, color number, dye lot, and quantity so we could mark it off in the books. If someone came in looking for a specific number of balls of a certain yarn, reference the books, and it should tell us what we have. Now all of this will be on the computer, but first it all has to be entered in. It's a slow process where I only work part-time. Shelly has started it, but there's still a ways to go. I don't even know where we are going to put the new yarn. Most of it is just to restock existing yarn, but some of it we haven't had in before. There's also at least one more order coming that was shipped out before Christmas, lost in the mail, and was resent to us. Plus there's the Regia order that we did today that will hopefully be ordered soon, and we are working on another order to top off a few of the other in-stock yarns.

I'll end this post with a couple of pictures. There's a picture of Darren at his skating lessons. He's the farthest kid over to the right, sorta by himself. Logan wanted to paint yesterday, so here he is being artistic. Lastly, he fell asleep the other day in Darren's room listening to the Roadhammers cd. I covered him over with the blanket.

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy 3rd Birthday, Logan!

Today my baby turned three. We went to another kid's bowling birthday party. He had turned four yesterday. I bought this plain birthday cake today for Logan (last weekend they had the fancy Spongebob cake together at their party). I tried to make Logan a cake this morning, but we won't go there. (It wasn't pretty, and it ended up in the green bin. He didn't like, anyways. It wasn't that it wasn't edible, but the top layer sorta broke apart into three pieces and then oozed apart and just made a total disaster of it all.)

Last Sunday I ended up at outpatients with Logan for his cut over his eye. Yesterday I ended up at outpatients with Darren for a severely sore throat. I tried our doctor's office, but I got the machine saying it was closed til Monday. The doctor on call ended up prescribing medication for him. He had a bit of a wheez as well. We went to the drug store, but they didn't have enough of what he prescribed to last the weekend, so they had to call him. He prescribed something else. They had also taken a swab to see if he had strep. I called the hospital this morning, and they confirmed that he does indeed have strep. He hasn't been eating much and wouldn't eat any cake yet. He had to stick with ice cream. He's feeling better, but nights are rough, and he pretty much flops, flounces, cries, and whines most of the night. I've had strep a few times before, so I know what he's going through.

Here's the before and after of my latest buttonhole bag. I sorta ran out of yarn and had to do the top edge in some leftover light blue. I like it, though. It is dark navy like the before picture. My flash just washed it out. This was made with two skeins of Briggs & Little Atlantic wool and took a few times though the wash to felt.

My other completed project is the felted bucket had and matching mittens. I finished the mittens last night and felted them all this morning. They are blocking now. They turned out quite well. The only thing I may do next time with the mittens is cast on a few less stitches for the cuff. I find the cuff too loose. I'll just have to remember to add the stitches back in on the last row of the cuff. The rest of the mitten fits fine, so if I don't add them back in they will be too small. These were made with two skeins of Patons Classic Wool and felted perfectly once through the wash.

So now my weekend project is to finish the back at least of the adult casual cables sweater started eons ago. It's sooooo boring because it's just stocking stitch. I have it about 3/4 done. I also started a blue baby sweater for the store out of leftover Bernat Softee Baby, and I am going to do a pink one as well only a size or two larger.

Lastly, I joined another knitalong. This one is Sock-A-Month. Between now and July you make one pair of socks (at least) per month, and for each month completed your name gets entered into a draw for prizes. You can knit more than one pair per month, but you only get one entry into the draw. You can use socks already started, so I have two pairs to finish already. I also have some nice Lorna's Laces to make a pair for myself as well as the yarn to make myself a pair of hiking socks and two or three pairs of socks for the boys. I should be able to do a pair a month no problem. Have the material, just need the time!

Happy knitting!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Finally Moved Nav Bar

When I first started blogging the Blogger Nav Bar was on the sidebar. It changed quite awhile back to the top of the page, covering the first few lines of each post I make. I tried changing templates, republishing with the same template, etc, nothing worked. I e-mailed Blogger yesterday finally and got an automated answer telling me basically that if I couldn't find an answer in their help section to reply to their e-mail for assistance (which could take awhile). I finally stumbled onto something tonight, and after a little bit of trial and error I seem to have moved it back to the sidebar. I really wish it was either up before my links or after it, but I'll take what I can get.

Got the small buttonhole bag finished and felted. Took some pics but didn't get them uploaded yet to the computer. I will probably wait til I finish the felted bucket hat and mittens set that I am currently working on so I can post the pics at the same time. I was hoping to have them completed tonight, but I don't think that will happen. It will be close, though. One mitten is almost finished.

We are experiencing a nice little springtime right now. Today it was like 8 Celsius and windy. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 7, Saturday showers and 9, and Sunday rain and 10. On Monday it drops down to -1. Oh, well. I'll take all this as long as we can get it. We've only had a bit of snow once back in early December. It snowed through the night enough to cancel school the next day. It hasn't really been all that cold, either, but I'm sure that will change. January is almost half over, and this month and next are our worst for cold and storms. March is iffy. This weather is much easier on the oil bill, and Travis hasn't had to plug the big truck in yet. That drives the power bill up a lot, but when it's cold there's no choice if I want him to get to work in the morning. Too cold truck won't start.

Must go bath the littlest one. I have to be careful not to get his steri strips wet. I don't want them to come off too early and let his cut come unglued before it's healed.

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sock Yarn Baby Sweater

Here is the front and back view of the size 3-6 months baby sweater I made with Patons Kroy Sock yarn and Fortissima Socka self striping yarn. We didn't have any dark blue buttons at the store that I liked, so I went with the red buttons. I hummed and hawed after I put them on, checked my own button stash, but decided that these were better than anything I had. If I make another one I think I will only put three buttons on it for closure. This pattern called for four, so that's what I did. This was my first use of the self striping yarn, and I must say that I liked it. I have enough leftover to either do another sweater or make a pair of toddler socks, I'm undecided.

This is my pre-felted bucket hat that I made from a pattern I got from Nova Knitter. It's a really quick knit - big, too, of course. It fits all the way down over my head and sits on my shoulders! I should have seen if I have a self portrait on my camera. I am making a pair of mittens to match, so I will felt them together and post a picture when they are finished.

And lastly here is a picture of the poor little guy after we got home from the hospital. We went to playgroup today, and the doctor that glued his cut was there with her baby boy. There was also another doctor there with her little girl. I asked what they thought about the blood under the tape, but as long as it's dry (which it is now) it isn't a problem. It sure makes his wound stand out, though. Everyone sees it and asks what happened. (Those dark flecks around his mouth are from sour cream and onion potato chips!)

Finally Done

I finally finished the sock yarn baby sweater. I should have a pic of it posted within the next day or so. I must admit that it was one of the most hateful things to sew up that I've ever made! Mostly because of mistakes in the pattern (not on my part). I had my doubts about the button and buttonhole bands when I knit them. Sure enough, when I went to sew it up they made one side too long. I was already frustrated with this project, so I ended up ripping both bands out, turning the button band into the button hole band, stopping the front shoulder where it would without a button band, and putting the buttons on the front so the button band comes over the shoulder instead of buttoning on top of the shoulder. Yikes. I had decided to put a block on the front of the sweater, and I had to rip that back two or three times, so that accounted for my initial frustration. (Must learn intarsia - I carried my yarn across the back, and I think it's a wee bit too tight.) Plus I found some of the number of stitches you were supposed to have after decreasing off in the pattern. But all in all it's a cute little sweater!

I've started a felted bucket hat from a pattern that I got from NovaKnitter. I must get a set of 5.5mm circulars. I had to start it with dpns, and it's a lot of stitches, so I kept losing them off the ends. Now I'm up far enough that I changed to 6mm, and I luckily had those in circs. I must really invest in more circs. I basically only have ones to do necks of sweaters and buttonhole bags. I've never used them unless I had to.

Well, must go treadmill while Logan in asleep.

Happy knitting!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Graceful We Are Not

We aren't a very graceful family. All of us are on the clumsy side. Just before supper tonight the boys were running up and down the hallway. Of course, they were told to stop, and we were ignored, of course. First thing Logan is crying. He comes out with blood on his right eyebrow. I wiped it off and saw that he needed his first stitches! I called the outpatients department to let them know that I was bringing him up and that he required stitches. After over an hour-and-a-half wait the doctor finally came in and decided that she would glue the cut instead of stitch it. She said either way it would scar, and this would be less traumatic for him. He pretty much had me run ragged before he was fixed up, and there were no ill side effects once we got home. He played just the same as always. There is a lot of blood under the tape stuff she put on him. I may call my doctor tomorrow to see if I can pop in and get him to check it. I think I would have preferred a couple of stitches to the glue.

Darren started skating lessons today. His grandparents bought him a new helmet. The other one has been passed down to Logan. He will go nine more Sundays, plus his school is going on the 17th and again in February. I go to that with him. He has expressed interest in playing hockey next year which pleases Daddy to no end. I will put Logan into skating in the fall. He could have probably started this season. They start them at three, and he will be three this Saturday. I'd rather he be a bit older. He's sooo excited, though. I may take him to some public skates once Darren is a little better at it. We have four-bladed skates that strap to his boots that belonged to a friend of ours. Both of their helmets have face guards. That's a good thing. As clumsy as they are they'd probably bash their teeth out!

Not a lot of progress this weekend on the knitting front. I was hoping to finish the baby sweater out of the sock yarn that I started ages ago. I have the sleeves and back completed, and I have the front done up to the neck shaping. I am hoping to have it finished and ready to sew together tomorrow by noon time. It's based on this pattern, but I've made some modifications so far. I also don't like the neck, so when I come to that I will be doing some tinkering as well.

I don't work again until Wednesday. I am hoping in addition to the baby sweater to also complete a small felted buttonhole bag and try the felted bucket hat pattern that I got from NovaKnitter. I had also hoped to finish (or almost) the adult Shetland Ragg sweater I started for the store back in May or so, but that isn't going to happen now. Will hopefully have some pics of FOs by mid-week.

Happy knitting!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

My very first Irish Hiking Scarf. I knit this with two balls of Patons Canadiana in Oatmeal (a little more beige than aran). I really liked knitting this a lot. I started it Dec 31 and finished Jan 3. I have some burgundy yarn that I may make another one with, this time just making it two cables wide. I don't have enough of the yarn to make another one this wide.
 Posted by Picasa

Close-up of my first Irish Hiking Scarf. Posted by Picasa

Lard butt wedged himself in a box. Posted by Picasa

Hi! Posted by Picasa

Look at this shot! I think he thought he was curling, though. He kept yelling at the ball. Darren's 6th birthday was today, and Logan's 3rd birthday is next Saturday. They had a bowling party today. I think this is the last year for a combined party. Next year Logan will be in preschool, so I can invite his classmates. I think Darren can invite some of his buddies to go bowling or have a pizza party or something. I think there is a place about 10 minutes outside of town that does wagon rides and fires with marshmallows and hot chocolate. Maybe that will be an option, if they still do it. The boys get to bowling again next weekend on Logan's birthday. One of the kids at the party today will be four on Friday so he is having a bowling party next Saturday. Posted by Picasa

You can't really see in this picture, but Logan had leaned forward to blow his candle out and ended up taking a bite out of his cake. He had icing on his chin! Thus the, "Uh-oh!" look on Darren's face! Posted by Picasa

Ain't he sweet! Devil in disguise! Posted by Picasa

Patrick and Spongebob are both slinkies. Posted by Picasa

Darren with one of his gifts. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First KAL

I just joining my first KAL. It's the Irish Hiking Scarf Knitalong. I started mine on December 31 (before being officially accepted into the KAL) and am about 2/3 done. Hope to have a pic soon. Check them out here, and there's also a permanent link on my sidebar.

Hope everyone had a good New Years. We just went to a friend's house and were home before 12:30. Quite a few showed up - more than they expected - and one guy brought some fireworks. There were quite a few people around town shooting off fireworks by the looks of it.
Anyways, must got fill my water jugs then head over to the grocery store.

Happy knitting!