Friday, November 29, 2013

Just Keep Knitting, Just Keep Knitting!

I don't have a lot of things to knit for Christmas this year.  I do have a couple of scarves planned, a hat for baby nephew, and then everything else will depend on how much time I have.  There were a couple of other things I thought about, and if I have time I'll do them, if not, I ain't sweating it!  Gone are the days of me frantically knitting at midnight Christmas Eve, trying to finish something up or gifting one sock with an IOU for the other one.
First up on this catch up post is a pair of plain old vanilla socks in Patons Kroy summer moss jacquard.  Knit on 2.5mm needles, these were started on November 17, finished the 23rd, details here.
I got some new yarn with plans to make myself some sort of cowl.  Wandering Cat Yarns Twinkle Cat DK in sprite.

And last year someone lost his ear flap hat, so I whipped up another one in Briggs & Little Atlantic fern.  The pattern is Thorpe, I made the large size, but I should have sized down to medium as I used 6mm needles (cuz I couldn't find my 5.5mm).  But if worse comes to worse I can always try and felt it some.  He said he didn't mind if it was a bit loose. I even did a crochet edge, but it's single crochet.  I YouTubed how to do it, but I'm sure anyone who crochets would have been highly amused to watch my antics.  I know I don't hold my hook correctly, and I definitely don't hold the yarn correctly.  It was amusing, but I got it done.  I omitted the ties.  (And he actually wore it to school and didn't lose it yet!  Not like the camo hat incident.)  Details here.

Off to start a scarf!

Happy knitting!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Couple of pairs of socks are finished.  First ones are a plain old 2x2 rib over 60sts.  The yarn is Patons Kroy in burnished sierra stripes, knit on 2.5mm needles, started November 6, finished the 12th, details here.


The second pair is another plain old 60sts vanilla sock, the yarn is also Patons Kroy in fern rose jacquard.  Knit on 2.5mm needles, started November 13, finished the 17th, details here.

And I'm copying this from Facebook, as I don't see a post on her blog yet.  Wanderingcat on Ravelry has a kitty who needs an operation and is trying to raise the money to cover the cost.  Here's the scoop and a sale in her Etsy shop.  Great reason to buy some gorgeous hand dyed yarn!!! And it will help poor l'il Tux out and his Momma, too.

Happy knitting!

Hello fellow knitters and cat lovers,
Tux and I just got back from the vet where we discovered that he's going to need some rather costly surgery in the near future. My poor snuggly baby has a growth on his front leg (possibly cancerous) that needs to be removed. 
The poor boy has to wear a cone for a few days until one of the lesions on the growth heals
To help raise funds for his procedure, I'm extending out customer appreciation sale - use the code LOVE15 at the checkout and save 15% off your order. 
Every skein sold will help, so please, if you are able to make a purchase, it's appreciated by both me, mom and our fav feline here at Wandering Cat Yarns.
Thank you!

Thursday, November 07, 2013


So I won a gift certificate a short while ago from this blog post.  I did some perusing of the shop, and I finally settled on this little beauty.  Its been sitting by my computer since I got it so I can look at it and pet it, lol.  It's Wandering Cat Yarns Alley Cat in Vanellope von Schweetz.  Love it, this will be come socks for ME!


I also finished up another pair of vanilla socks. Started October 31, finished November 6, they are 60st vanilla socks knit on 2.5mm needles.  The yarn is Mary Maxim Twinkle Toes in blue ice.  Details here.

Soon time to start some Christmas knitting.  I do have a couple of things made already.  I've got a few more things I want to do, nothing too large or time consuming, so I'm not feeling the crunch yet.

Happy knitting!

Monday, November 04, 2013


I can't believe it's November already.  Time sure is flying.  Got a few pairs of socks to show.  First ones are a Christmas gift for BFF.  They are just a 2x2 ribbed sock knit on 2.5mm needles, started October 1, finished the 15th.  The yarn is Mary Maxim Foot Prints Sock Yarn in the reef colorway.  Details here.

The second pair are plain old vanilla socks also knit on 2.5mm needles, started October 16, finished the 22nd.  The yarn is Mary Maxim Twinkle Toes in candy cane.  Not the easiest to see in the picture, but the yarn has a gold metallic thread in it to give it a sparkly look.  Details here.

The third pair is identical to the above pair, started on October 22, finished on the 31st, this colorway is called sugar plum. Details here.

The boys went trick or treating the other night with a couple of their friends.  It is the first time that I haven't gone with them.  I was very surprised that I only ended up with a total of 32 kids.  That's the lowest I've ever had since we moved to this house in August 2001.  We usually have at least 50.  I had chips and cheesies and a treat bag with a couple of types of candy and a chocolate bar.  At my old house I couldn't afford to give out much of anything except for Rocket candy, gum, and suckers.  I used to get over 200 kids there!

Someone got too pooped out with all the walking and fell asleep on the sofa.
Happy knitting!