Friday, January 30, 2015

All Socks, All the Time

Well this week, believe it or not, we had our first snowstorm of the season.  The kids got their first storm day on Tuesday, and they ended up with Wednesday off as well because the roads were so icy in the morning.  We only got about half of the snow that we were supposed to get, so 5-6" instead of 12"+, which was fine by me.  It was super duper windy, and it warmed up and changed to a lot of ice pellets and freezing rain.  Our snow is all crusty and crunchy.  I went out after supper with the snow blower and was pummeled with ice pellets the whole time.  Up til Tuesday we got a little dusting of snow a couple of times, and inch or less, nothing a broom couldn't handle or just leave and let it melt off when the sun came out.  Tonight it's supposed to snow a couple of inches, change to freezing rain, then rain, then back to snow tomorrow night and cold on Sunday, so everything will be a skating rink again.  And possibly snow on Monday.  I hope this wasn't the start of something, I was enjoying a snow-free winter just fine.

My first FO of the year was - surprise! - socks.  First up are a pair of vanilla socks for me knit out of Wandering Cat Yarns Barn Cat in Johnny Jump Up.  Ravelry details here.

I used the leftovers to make a pair of Little Johnny Jump Ups.  I didn't have enough yarn so I used some leftover Kroy for the toes.  Details here.

And also a pair of socks for me, Weasley Homestead Socks.  Details here.

The Littlest One's school band is making a Valentine's Basket to raffle off to raise money, so they wanted all of the band students to bring something in.  One of the things they listed was funky socks.  So I made a pair of socks with lace hearts, ankle version as I was short on time before I found out anything about it, they wanted the donations in today.  These were finished last night and photographed this morning.  The pattern is Cairi's Sweet Heart, the yarn is Herrschners Sock Yarn Solids in royalty, details here.

And also out of the same yarn a pair of Columbia Socks.  Details here.

Happy knitting!

Monday, January 12, 2015


I missed two FOs off my list for 2014. They are included in my grand total of 86 and 56 pairs of socks, but I forgot to list them in my shortcut to FOs of 2014.

First up is a pair of ankle socks knit with leftover Herrschners Sock Yarn.  Ravelry details here.

 Secondly is a pair of socks knit with Premier Yarns Wool Free Sock Yarn Stripes.  Details here.

Happy knitting!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

FOs of 2014

FOs of 2014:

socks -- 56
scarves -- 1
cowls -- 3
felted slippers -- 5
monkey slippers -- 3
dishcloths -- 10
afghan squares -- 3
hats -- 5

Total FOs for 2014 -- 86

FOs of 2014:
Dad's 2 Pair Socks 21, 22
Fiery 5th Avenue

3 Pair Felted Slippers
3 Pair Ankle Socks
Mr. Dress Up Socks 23
Denver Cowl
Fiery Vanilla Socks 24
Trevor's Whiney Socks 25
Calypso Socks 26
Posh Pink Socks 27
Pink Grapefruit Mock Cables 28
Red Cherry Mock Cables 29
Lagoon Riverruns 30
Pink Camo I, II, III 31, 32, 33
Grape Gumballs 34
Spearmints 35
Afghan Squares
Spearmint Ankle Socks
Grape Gumball Ankle Socks
Vanellope Von Schwweetz 36
VVS Ankle Socks 37
My Sugar Plums
Trio Sparkly Ankle Socks 38, 39, 40
Lace Rib Socks 41
Candy Cane Ankle Socks
Oh, Susannah Cowl
Blue Ice Socks
Fruit Slices Big and Small
Cherry Sours
Cherry Sours Ankle Socks
Pumpkin Spice Big and Small
Grape Gumballs Big and Small
Spearmint Big and Small
Space Invaders
Open Studio
Fish Head
Commotions Slippers
Bird of Paradise Slippers
Ten Dishcloths
Vanilla Twilight Socks
Candy Cane Broadripples
Sock Monkey Slippers
Munchie's Jecks
Munchie's High Hopes
Munchie's Ribs
Serenity Now Socks
Angela's Birthday Socks
Four Beige Pairs
Sock Monkey Slippers, Again
Step FIL Christmas Socks
More Sock Monkey Slippers
Irish Hiking Scarf
Be Kind Hat
Munchie's Christmas Socks
Thorpe Hat

Ankle Socks
Bruised Socks

In case I missed posting something to my blog, and it's missing from this list, you can check out my Ravelry page for my friend, M's, ankle socks for the year.  I also knit two pairs of peaceful plum socks but only see it once in this list.  They are located here.