Monday, July 31, 2006

Start Me Up!

This is where I'll be on September 23! I am taking my Big Brother with me -- they're his favorite! (Hubby goes too!)

Happy knitting!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Socks on the Beach

It was hot the other night, so we took the boys to one of the local beaches. I'm terrible -- all the nice white sand beaches around here, and that's the first time this year we've gone. I bought a couple of these totes for $1 at one of the local grocery stores. I thought it would be kinda neat for socks in progress. Gotta be careful I don't lose a needle out one of the holes, though.

I took my rpms with me, but I only knit two or three rounds. Since then I think I have three full pattern repeats completed. I haven't been knitting a lot lately. Here's a sandy shot, then one of the Atlantic Ocean in the background.

The boys had lots of play time. The tide was coming in, so there was a warm strip of water for the boys to play in. This beach kinda dips down, then up, then down again, so when it's low tide there's a "brook" of ocean water that gets really warm, and it only gets up to about my knees at the deepest part. Perfect for kids to play in. The water is too cold for me to venture into normally.

Course, what's a trip to the beach without the customary child-in-a-hole game!

Then there was the wonderful Try to Keep the Hole Filled With Water Game. Here comes MuscleBob BuffPants with a big bucket of water. After several trips he finally realized that the water just wasn't going to stay in the hole. He had fun, though.

It was a good evening. I was careful not to get sand in my socks. (I really just wanted some cool pictures of them at the beach in all honesty!) We took a walk down the beach before we left, and MuscleBob had the biggest freak-out when he finally noticed sand fleas. (Can't find a good link.) All they do is jump around on the sand, but he saw them, and that was enough to set him off on a high-stepping, screaming, crying fit down the beach. Then I think he stepped on some dried up seaweed, that made it worse. Hope he doesn't do that the next time we go.

We took the boys to the Big Ex on Thursday. I forgot my camera but used hubby's cell phone. Once I get the pictures transferred I'll try to post some of them. If they're any good, that is.

Happy knitting!

Monday, July 24, 2006


I brought this home from the store today to make myself a Sesame. This is 100% superwash wool. I was going to make it solid, but the only color we had enough of was the burgundy, so I opted for navy/burgundy stripes. Then I dug through one of the button bins and scraped out enough of the same kind of wooden button for it. I'm really itching to start this, but I think I'll hold off just a bit. I'd like to make my rpms first, plus I have to finish the hat to the baby jacket I made.

Go on over to Martheme's Fiber Arts Blog. She's having a contest with hand-dyed yarn prizes, and all you have to do is send her an interesting postcard with a neat stamp.

Not much else to report today. Hope to have pics of the finished baby set soon.

Happy knitting!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Socks That Rock!

Socks That Rock, mediumweight Seal Rock (left) for rpms, lightweight Fred Flintstone for ???

I think Pumba's trying to do a pirate impersonation minus the eyepatch. Either that or he's got something in mind for the yarn and is giving his secretive wink.

I also got my latest eBay purchase yesterday, too. It's more teal in real life than the picture. I still plan on making another pair of Pomatomus socks out of it. Tried to upload a picture of it, but Blogger crapped out again, as usual. You can see it in this post.

Not a lot of knitting done lately. I have been working on the baby set. The jacket is done, but the arms need to be sewn on and the neck done. Then I'll do a matching hat, and if there's enough yarn left I'll do booties. I've been thinking of maybe doing a couple of more sets and opening an Etsy shop. I've been reading about it, and it is cheaper than listing them on eBay. I haven't made my mind up yet, but I'm definitely leaning towards it. If I could manage to sell a set or two once in awhile it would help support my sock yarn fetish.

Yesterday we got a visit from the remainder of Tropical Storm Beryl. I made sure I left our camper before it started, and I put our awning up, too. I had visions of that flying through the air in a dozen pieces. The storm passed through quite quickly but not before it broke two big branches off one of my trees out front. I didn't even notice til I saw a Region truck stopped outside. Then I saw my branches laying in the road. He ended up hauling it away, plus one branch was still partly attached to the tree, so he cut if off for me. It rained really hard at times as well. Now the forecast is rain tonight, possible thunder showers, showers tomorrow, and rain tomorrow night. At least it's cooler, but it's still really muggy.

Relatively quiet day for the boys - I rented them Cars and a Hummer game for the PS2 yesterday. I know it's going to be a fight when Cars has to go back next Friday. Now that I know it's not a blue cd I may buy one for them. (Our PS2 won't play any blue games except for Smuggler's Run. They have four or five games they can't play. Someday I'll get a new one and take the old one to the camper. I priced fixing it, and it's cheaper to buy a new one.)

Pop on over to see a pic of Nova Knitter's new granddaughter! She's a cutie!

Don't forget -- the contest over at Sock Pr0n is over on Sunday.

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Too Hot

It's way too hot here lately. Today it's 31C (88F), which I know compared to a lot of places in the US right now that's cool! But for me it's too hot. At least today was breezy, and I worked in air conditioning til 1pm. The rest of the week is looking pretty much the same.

Now for some pictures Blogger wouldn't upload last night. Got a new lily. I planted these last year, but they didn't bloom, so I had no idea what colors they were. Two of them are this:

The truck actually got cleaned the other week. Actually, hubby got a professional to come powerwash it and acid-wash the rims. Took them almost two hours. Well worth the cost. (Which is too low in my opinion, but hey - I don't argue a good buy!) Look, everyone! The truck really is black and not the usual grey it looks!

Then yesterday she got her stickers from the new company. I really like the looks of these compared to the other company's block lettering. The silver highlight adds a nice touch as well.

I got my Socks That Rock today! I'm so excited! It was a good bonus, too, that I didn't have to pay duty on it. Usually anything over $20 is charged duty. Don't know what happened there. The value was $38US. The last time I ordered yarn from the US it was valued at $30US, and I had to pay like $12CDN to get it out of the post office. I won't question it -- just a pleasant bonus for me! I should really finish one of the other projects I have on the go first. I may have to cast on rpms tonight, though. I can hear the yarn calling to me from the hall closet as I type.... I'm trying to decide what pattern may be nice for the Fred Flintstone, too. The rpms are going to be made with the mediumweight Seal Rock. I really should dig out all of my sock yarn and try to match it up with patterns. I do have some paired up, but not all of it. Kinda like this from April 1.

I will transfer the pics of my new yarn soon. For now I have just added links to the colors I bought. Besides, I've hit my limit of pictures for the day with Blogger. I tried saving it as a draft then going back and adding, but it's not working.

Happy knitting!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hederas Finished!

The day-glo Hederas are completed! No changes to the pattern. Knit with hand-dyed merino bought on eBay. Started July 4, finished July 13. The pictures are actually quite accurate color-wise. I didn't think they'd turn out as well as they did.

We went camping this weekend, so I didn't get a lot of knitting done. I did make two cotton dishcloths for myself, but I didn't take any pictures. I also started a baby hat/sweater set (one of my own designs). I may list it on eBay. I haven't sold any on there for a long time. Not sure about that yet, though. Back to camping -- we bought a deck from the lot across and down from us a bit. Apparently the camper was repoed/re-pode/repo'd the other week. We lucked out that my nephew and two of his friends were there this weekend tenting, so they helped us move it. We wondered what we were going to do. It was in two pieces but still weighed a ton. It needs four 1x4" boards replaced, then I'll paint it. I took down my only set of icicle lights that still work and two sets of my net lights for the railing. We also got some cement blocks from the same site and bought seven more to go with them to build a fireplace around our firepit. It's slowly coming along. I have a list of other things I would like to have as well. What I don't get this year I'll get next year - I would imagine we'll keep this same lot for quite awhile.

I guess I've hit my limit for pictures today. I have more, but I will have to try another time. Blogger has crapped out on me. I'm surprised I got this many uploaded.

My Socks That Rock! is on its way! Got a, "Your items have been shipped" e-mail. Can't wait! Then I can start my rpms! I've also got to keep an eye out for some red sock yarn for Baudelaire. We have some at the store, but it's only 3ply, so I have to pass. Got lots to knit in the meantime! It's too hot now to wear knit socks, but I'll have lots to wear come the fall.

Happy knitting!

Monday, July 10, 2006

No, I Wasn't Drinking!

I suppose everyone must think I was drunk when I made my last post. Flowers and Swings... Pictures of a swing being assembled, but not a one of a flower! Blogger crapped out on me before finished, so let's try again.

First, the finished swingset:

Next, some pictures of some of the flowers in my yard. I don't have much of a green thumb, and I really have to stick with things that come up every year and are hard to kill, like this primrose and lilies.

Lastly, here's my latest eBay goody. I just won it and plan on using it to make another pair of Pomatomus socks. Hand-dyed merino.

Those day-glo socks from last post - Hederas!

Don't forget the contest going on over at Sock Pr0n til July 23rd!

Happy knitting!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Flowers and Swings (Not Much Knitting)

Last week we bought the boys a swing set. Over two days it progessed to the finished thing. There's a spot under the slide that you can fill with sand. We haven't made it to that stage yet. It's a little further in the ground on the slide side, too. I'll have to try to rectify that one day it's not too hot out. The only bad thing about the wood, and I didn't think of it at the time, is the earwigs. Gotta give it a few bangs and let them fall from every nook and cranny before using it.

I'll try to add the last finished picture later. Blogger chose to crap out on me, of course.

We took the boys to see Cars yesterday. Now I know why we don't go to the show very often. For one thing, the Littlest One is still a bit too little to go to the show. There weren't many people there, and he didn't want to sit in his seat. Couple of trips to the bathroom, changing seats, running around. One of the ladies came and told him if he didn't sit down he'd have to help her clean. He probably would have liked that. It was a good movie, but it is long for an animated movie. When it first came out I read a review where the guy said it's too long for kids, and they were running around everywhere by mid-point of the movie. Anyhoo, he ended up falling asleep for the last half hour. We went to the matinee, so it was a little cheaper (still $26.80), but the worst was the refreshments! Hubby goes out and comes back with pop and popcorn for me and him and a kids special for each boy (pop, popcorn, gummies). $35!! Yikes!

Are these going to be bright or what? One down, one to go.

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Baudelaire (way to go, as usual, Cookie!)

Widdershins (cabled, of course! no short-row heels!)

RPM!!! (the much-awaited Sock Pr0n's design)

These are three that I am definitely making for me!

Everyone - go - hie yee to Quickeye's site (rpm's Mama) and enter her contest! Just look at the wonderful goodies that are up for grabs! Go - go - go - tell her Lexa sent you! Ya got til July 23.

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Weekend Fun

Our town had its annual Privateer Days this weekend. It was the first time in six years that I didn't have a kid with me to watch the parade! One was in this group with the skaters, the other was in a firetruck with Daddy. Then Saturday evening we took them to the rides, and last night was the fireworks (no pics this year). The oldest played a couple of games and won some stuffies, as well as - of all things - a big Spongebob hammer - that Blogger won't upload. That's all they need - a beating weapon! It's since made its way to the hall closet.

Got a new one of these today, gas powered with a 22" blade. We really need it for that mamma jamma hedge we have! Now I just have to get hubby to use it.

Old Yeller is gone. We signed the papers today. I'll still see her on the road, I'm sure. Now we have to concentrate on switching our other truck from one company to another. That truck is leased, so we have to get power of attorney from the lease company to switch it. If all goes well that will be done in a day or two. Right now it's in the garage, probably going to cost a lot. It's burning too much fuel, plus something is up with the alternator. Hopefully the fuel thing will prove to be warranty work. Oh, well, it has to be fixed one way or the other.

Been knitting mostly cotton dishcloths for the past few days. I took five of them to the store, and I forgot to take pictures. I go overboard - the Boss Lady wanted dishcloths, and I couldn't decide on colors, so I ended up making a total of seven so far and have enough to do at least four more. I did start a pair of socks for me last night, but I only got five rows done. I will take some pics when there's more to show on them.

I have more pictures, but Blogger crapped out. Will try next post.

Got to go do my dishes so I can sit and knit and watch the US fireworks on TV!

Happy knitting!