Monday, September 29, 2008


Hurricane Kyle arrived here last night. It didn't rain all that much, really, but the wind sure was strong. One of my trees took a beating. Poor thing. They're finally looking like trees again, and now its lost four big limbs. I thought at first that the branches were from two trees, but up inspection this morning it seems like it was just the one. (The guy we bought the house from had cut cut pretty much every limb off of all of the trees in the yard. Over the past seven years we've lived here the trees have finally filled in quite nicely, I'm happy to say. Hubs always called them dildo trees. I sure don't want them to lose too many limbs!)

No damage to the house or garage that I can find, just this poor tree. We didn't lose power, but it was close a few times. The lights dimmed several times, so I had candles going just in case.

This is just a short clip I took last night. Can't see much, but if you turn your speakers on you'll hear the wind. (And that is steady, constant wind.) It got worse after I took this.

Didn't get much knitting done on the weekend. Hubs arrived home Friday but had the flu, so we didn't get to the camper til Saturday. It was the last weekend, so there was a pot luck supper and party. (I gave Hubs $5 to play card bingo, and he came home with $42.57!) Then Sunday it was packing up and out of there by lunchtime before the storm hit. Pretty much everyone cleared out early that were taking their campers. I wouldn't want to be driving down the road in a windstorm toting one of those things. Ours was taken to the RV place were it was dropped off to be inspected, winterized, and have a few little things done to it.

Cable socks are almost done. They have to be finished tomorrow or I'll miss my September entry for the SAM6 KAL, and that can't happen. Haven't missed a month since the first SAM KAL.

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Got Nuttin'

I don't have anything to show knitwise right now. Been knitting some, but the past few days I haven't gotten to knit as much as I'd like. Turn your speakers on and take a listen to Jewel and how she starts her walks. I must remember to get her a halty thing. She pulls a lot. I had a couple of harnesses for her, but she ate them. I refuse to buy another one.

She does calm down after five minutes or so usually, it's just that she's so excited when the walk first starts that she drags me along. (Yes, that's my feet slapping trying to keep up with her and back far enough to keep her in the picture.)

Once we get to the trail she calms down since she has to stop every two feet to sniff...

... sniff a little more...
... and yet a little more...
The days are staying really nice, but the nights are getting cold. In the morning it's usually barely over freezing. The leaves are starting to turn.

Must go do some knitting.

Happy knitting!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Princess Nala

Ladies Eight
Started September 15
Finished September 18
Patons Classic Wool in That's Red 2 skeins

Got nothing else to really show. I have one of the slippers finished for the Littlest One, and I started a pair of socks. My weekend to work, so I've been working on my basic roll brim hats for Warm Hands Innu Knits.

Nala (who I always call Princess) has taken to laying on top of the fridge. A: The dog can't reach her. B: It's warm. As you can see, it's a place that I throw things including yarn.

Caught her in a yawn here. I didn't realize how much tartar build-up she had til I looked at this picture. I guess, she is 12.5 years old and never had a proper tooth-cleaning. Bad mother.
She settle back down after a stretch and a yawn and decided to use a skein for a pillow. I should really move these so they don't get full of fur, plus she has a tendency to knock them onto the floor. She's the smallest of the three cats, but you'd swear she's the biggest cuz she's always knocking stuff onto the floor. That's how my first digital camera got broken.
The Oldest One was like, "Why did you take pictures of her feet?"
A: They're cute. B: I'm weird.
Have a nice weekend.
Happy knitting!

Friday, September 19, 2008

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

My pirate name is:

Captain Bess Kidd

Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from
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Happy knitting!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I finished the new design baby set. Started September 6, finished the 15th. It's made with Bernat Softee Baby in white sparkle. (They redid their web site -- much fancier looking.) I'll take it to the store, now making three sets there for sale of my personal designed sets. I have the yarn to make two more sets, but I have a couple of other things to make first. As you can see, someone wanted to play when I was trying to take these pictures.

Pop on over to my Ravelry (darganknits) projects page to see overkill photos.

I've got one more second-sole to knit and attach to the second slipper, then these can be felted. I have to felt them tonight and set them in front of the fan all night so they're ready to go in the morning. I'm on a deadline. I didn't take them to Knit Nite last night. I started a plain roll brim hat for Warm Hands Innu Knits cuz I talk too much at KN, I need something that requires no thought at all.
So that's about it. I work tomorrow night and Saturday, so if any of my yarn floozies are around, I'll be there. (I know Heddy has a craft sale.) Hopefully our yarn order will be there today or tomorrow. We got our order of Handicrafter and knitting needles, that's it so far. The other one should arrive any day now.

I'll leave you with Pumba looking unimpressed as usual. He's most likely thinking "feed me" or "Why the Hell did you get that dog?"

Happy knitting!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ma!

Today is Ma's birthday. (I won't say her age or I'll be disowned if it got back to her.) The Littlest One and I took her here for lunch. She got a BLT and black coffee, which is what I knew she'd get when I planned this excursion. The Littlest One and I shared a fish and chips. It was really good.

Then we headed to one of the local supermarkets and got a cake.

And then our customary stop here so she can get coffee and scratch tickets.

Once the Oldest One got home we went to her house and had cake.

I made her a hippy rainbow towel. Here it is hanging on my 60s stove. (It came with the house when we bought it, and until it conks out I can't justify buying a new one. Well, unless I had the spare money. The hippy green fridge was replaced as it wasn't frost-free. That's in the garage and is used when we have parties out there.) Started September 9, finished the 10th.

It even has a hippy button, this cute little metal flower stamped button. I have another one, too. Think I'll make myself one of these but with less color changes. So many ends to weave in!

Got some Handicrafter to make one of these for me.

I also seamed the blocks I had made so far for Ma's afghan. I'm just doing a whip stitch kinda seam so it's flat.

Two questions I had been asked awhile back in my comments that I keep forgetting to comment on. My Noro socks match cuz I just happened to finish the first one where in the right spot to start the second one. Also, we are thinking about getting a second dog so Jewel has someone to play with and help expend her energy.

Tomorrow is the second day since school started that I get the day to myself. The Littlest One's group goes tomorrow, and I'm off all day. I plan on taking the dog for a walk after the bus goes and again after lunch. We both can use the exercise! I'm going to try and poop some of the hyperness out of her.

Hope to have lots of knitting done the next week. I'm off til next Wednesday. I also will have a baby something to knit for November. Got invited to a shower for Hub's cousin, she doesn't know what she's having. I'll have to look through my stuff and decide what to make. One of my own sets or something else. I have some ideas, I'll just have to narrow it down.

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Little Boy Blue

I finished the blue baby set for the store. This is another of my designs called eyelet V. I went with a ribbed hat instead of bonnet so it would be more boyish looking. It's hard to see the V pattern. I should have put one of the bright colored sleepers on her instead of the white. This is knit with Patons Beehive Baby Sport in bonnet blue. I started it on September 3 and finished it on the 8th. (BTW -- my "baby" is in the infant car seat that I had for the Oldest One and subsequently the Littlest One. I also knit the blanket for the Oldest One, the yarn came from the Ball N Skein when it was still D's store. I used it for the Littlest One as well.)

I had a clean basket of folded laundry that I forgot to put away the other night. The dog got me up around 1am, she needed a drink, and I found Pumba had made himself at home.

Yes, he's a bit on the chunky side. Last fall, before we got the dog, he had lost a lot of weight. He looked very poorly there for awhile, people that knew him commented on it, and I was kinda scared. He still ate the same, he didn't act any different, he just lost a lot of weight and got kinda hard looking. He's always been portly, ever since he was a kitten.* Then as soon as the weight was gone it was all back with a vengeance. He's as big or bigger than ever. He has no tail at all and is kinda short and squat, and he weighs probably close to 20lbs. Everyone says he looks like he swallowed a bowling ball. Plus where he has a lot of manx in him he kinda hops when he runs. He's my baby! He's the most loving cat of the three and the one that tolerates Jewel the best. He actually likes it when she licks him, but then she has to get those teeth going at him in a effort to play, and that ruins it.

I'm having an irritating evening, first one in awhile, so I'd better stop here. Don't wanna spread bad mojo.

Happy knitting!

* I remember taking him when he was a baby for his needles. His belly was round and hard, and I asked the vet if he had worms. The vet was like, "No, just too much of the good stuff!" He's had trouble with his weight all his life, just like his "Mama"!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Maybe for me, but someone wasn't happy. He did NOT want to go to school. Today was the first day of Big School for my Littlest One. He tried to escape from the bus stop several times. (It's across the road from the house next door.)

Teary-eyed escape attempt.
All was well when he saw the bus coming. He got right into the line up with the other kids. Last year there were three, sometimes four or five kids getting on at this stop. Today there were eleven or twelve!
The Oldest One in his Dale Jr shirt, first day of grade three for him. He was excited to get back to school. He's a social butterfly.
Poor Jewel. This is the face I had to look at once her boys were gone. She was not impressed til I came back from the school and produced her leash. Then she knew she was going for a walk!

I had wanted to take a picture of the Littlest One at his desk. I got to the school before the bus. He got off no problem, and I was trying to hide behind one of the brick posts. He was looking for me, though, and he spied me. Once we got inside the tears were on. He tried to escape through a side exit, but luckily they had it locked. When I left he was crying that he didn't want to stay, and his teacher was cuddling him. So no desk shot. The bus was 45 minutes late after school, which is normal for the first couple of days. He was happy when he got home and said he had a "great day". Now he says he isn't scared of school any more, he loves it, lots of fun, etc. This month is a staggered start. They changed the age of kids starting school -- as long as the kid turns five on or before December 31 they start school in September. The primary classes are divided into Group A and Group B. He is in Group B, so he doesn't go again til Monday. All the kids went today, they all go picture day, and they all go Terry Fox Run day. On September 29 they will all go every day.

I finished my pink baby set for the store. It's made with Patons Beehive Baby Sport in precious pink, one skein. It's my own personal pattern, classic feather and fan. Started August 28, finished September 3. I haven't made one of my sets in awhile, and it was nice it knit for a change. My "dead baby" as my co-worker, T, calls it, got to come out and model.

I knit "pearl" beads in the bottem hem and the bonnet edge.

Got another boy set started in the same yarn in blue bonnet. I will make a ribbed hat instead of a bonnet for this one. This one is eyelet V and will not be beaded.

Looks like a great weekend for knitting. I'm not bothering to head to the camper. It's supposed to start raining tomorrow afternoon, the remnants of Gustav passing through. Then Sunday Hannah is passing through, and we are to get heavy rains and strong winds. By the time they hit us they're usually downgraded to tropical storms. They can still cause a lot of damage, especially this time of year when the trees are still full of leaves. It's too bad because this weekend there is a woodsmen competition in town on the waterfront. The fire department is also supposed to be having their annual garden party, normally held in July but changed for some reason.
Happy knitting!