Monday, June 29, 2009

I Forgot Nine to Fives!

I totally forgot to post my finished Nine to Five socks! Duh! These were started June 10 and finished on the 20th. I used Sisu yarn, but I didn't like it, rough and splitty, and 2.5mm needles. These were pair #3 for the 52PPiii.

I hope to get my Monkeys finished tomorrow. That will make four pairs for June, I think, for SAM7 KAL, pair #4 for the 52PPiii, and pair #1 for SOS09.

Happy knitting!

Branching Out

Finally got some outside pictures of the Branching Out scarf I knit. This will be put away for someone for Christmas. Started May 11 finished June 21. It's knit with Patons Lacette in precious pink on 5mm needles and measures approximately 5" wide, 60" long.

Got one of my Monkey socks finished. I'm disappointed that the yarn isn't showing the pattern up well -- I didn't think it was quite so variagated but found out differently once I got going. I have some other yarn I may use for another pair that should show the pattern well. This yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in silver streak.

I also have some Briggs & Little Atlantic in grape, teal, red heather, and grey heather to make some basic roll brim hats for Warm Hands Innu Knits. This will make one solid hat of each color and two stripey hats. These will most likely be my camping projects if it ever stops raining so we can actually go and enjoy ourselves.
Took the kids to see the new Transformers movie Saturday night. The prices of the concessions! I haven't been to a show since the fifth Harry Potter movie. We paid $33.96 for the tickets, and the treats were $33.08! We got two Transformers specials which included a regular pop, a mediumish pack of M&Ms, and a plastic Transformers keepsake bucket of popcorn that came with a free refill, and one small pop for the Littlest One. (Of course I stood in line for refills after the movie for that price!) The next Harry Potter movie is out on July 15, and I will go see that with the Oldest One, then that'll do it probably til the next Transformers and HP movies come out.

Happy knitting!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It Comes in Threes

What a shame -- even though I was never really a fan, it's sad to hear that Michael Jackson passed away. It comes in threes -- Michael, Farrah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


All it does lately is rain. Forecast up to and including the weekend -- cloudy, rain, showers. Blah. My water hose broke, so at least I don't have to worry about watering the garden.

I finished up the Branching Out scarf. Come to think of it I need to block it and take some pictures, most likely inside by the sound of things. I also made two bibs for a friend who just had his first baby girl. Gotta make another one of these to go with them.

Started another pair of socks, too. Monkeys out of Cherry Tree Hill in silver streak. I've had this yarn in the stash for a long time, and I've wanted to make Monkeys since the pattern came out. I love Cookie A's patterns. I have to be careful, though, cuz my knitting thumb has a split in it, and it's really sore. (Left thumb - the one that pushes the needle.) These will be pair #4 for the 52PPiii and the first pair for SOS09.

Last day of school for the kids here. They go back on Saturday -- yes, Saturday -- for the morning to get their report cards. I have to work anyways. Haven't gotten to the camper in ages, every weekend it rains. And weekday, at least lately.

Happy knitting!

PS Waiting to hear back from the company to see if they have a replacement part for my water cooler.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two Bags

Finished up the second market bag for one of the boy's teachers. Twins! One bag has just a wee shorter strap than the other. Started the first bag June 5 and finished the 6th. The second bag was started June 14 and finished the 18th. I used one large skein of Handicrafter Cotton in potpourri ombre, and the second bag required one small skein to do the handle. I used 4mm and 3.5mm needles. Ravelry details of mods and other info here. Now all I need are some gift bags to put them in, and they're ready to go next week. I'm finished with time to spare - that doesn't happen very often.

I think I'll try my hand at a couple of bibs next. I have a friend who lives in Utah who just had his first baby, a little girl. Going to make a couple of bibs and probably one of these. Methinks Marti is going to show me how to crochet so I can make some of those sweet crocheted bibs.

I noticed the other day that my water cooler was leaking on the floor. I took it apart somewhat, cleaned it, checked it out, thought maybe this rubber ring thing was off kilter. I put it back together, and it was good for about two days, then it was leaking again.

I took it apart again and this time noticed a crack in the metal thing where the cold water is. I have taken the big jug off, and it isn't leaking now cuz the water is below this crack. I wonder if you can buy replacement parts. Seems to be I looked for replacement taps and could never find them.

Anyhoo, Most Haunted is coming on. Happy knitting!

Monday, June 15, 2009

WWKIP in Review

We started Saturday off in town in front of the store. Unfortunately this year NovaKnitter was getting over a nasty cold and didn't participate. Another regular of our group was gone on a trip to the US, and another one was a no show. On the left is Heddy, middle is Marti, and the right is a newbie knitter friend of Marti's. (I conveniently took the photo so I didn't have to be in it.)

Marti had made these wonderful bags for us! I get so excited when I get anything new (that doesn't happen much), I love it, and I needed a new project bag. This will be going everywhere with me. I need to learn to sew.

Then we went to Mahone Bay to the place where they were gathering to knit in public. We had lunch -- three of us with chicken and goat cheese sandwiches, I had rooibos tea, Marti had a smoked meat sandwich. We stayed at our table and knit til we departed for the yarn store, equipped with our discount coupons.

Have a Yarn

I hummed and hawed over the wide selection of sock yarn. I didn't really see anything that totally grabbed me. They sell some of the same sock yarns we do, so I wanted something different. I didn't see it til Heddy pointed it out, but there was a basket of Fleece Artist that was unlabeled and really inexpensive. I got two skeins, one olive green and one turquoise blue.
This one will become Blackrose, I believe.
And this one will be Mermaid's Lagoon. Never knit with Fleece Artist before, so I'm anxious to try it.
Next year I have to try and talk the bosses into advertising for WWKIP day and putting more into it. Sales were about 1/3 of what they were last year, and it's disappointing when you go to Mahone Bay, and there are knitters all over the place. (And we were late getting there.) Don't get me wrong -- I think it's great that they get such a good turnout, but I'd like to see more people to our town's WWKIP day. I always think of other things I could have done once it's too late, so I'm going to jot down my ideas in my WWKIP folder on the computer at work so I don't forget next time.

Yesterday was a rough day. I had the flu, so I slept all day. I feel better today, just got a rotten cold now. I managed to finish the first Nine to Five sock yesterday. I didn't even touch any knitting til almost 6pm. There wasn't much left to do on these. I'm using Sisu, and I must say I ain't a fan. It's rough and splitty. This is all I have of this kind of yarn, and I don't forsee getting any more. I'll be interested to try our Invicta sock yarn sometime and see how it compares. It's the same price, but ours seems a little softer. Wanna see how it compares splittiness-wise.

Off to work on the market bag some more. Four more rounds, and I'm on to the top band.
Happy knitting!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kids Socks

I finished pair #2 of the 52PPiii. They are for the Littlest One and are made with leftover Bernat Sox in crazy hot from the Fugly Broadripples. Started June 4, finished the 10th. Cast on 48sts, 2x2 rib, short row heels, toes to 16sts. They're just a tiny wee bit long, but I figured he won't really wear them much til the fall. He did wear them to school today, but it's raining and is cooler.

Started another pair of socks last night, Nine to Fives for me in pink Sisu. I don't use a lot of solid sock yarns really. They're usually self striping or hand-dyed. I'd like to pick up some more solids or semi-solids for cabley/lacey socks. It really shows the patterning better.


Saturday, June 13
Memory Lane/Ball n Skein
1 Gorham Street, Liverpool
Come celebrate the joy of knitting with us!
Start time 11am.
Store is open 9-4.
If it's fine we'll sit outside.
Please bring a camp chair or folding chair.
All day long!
Draw a slip from the fishbowl to determine
your discount from the Ball n Skein department only,
then shop away!
Discount will apply to all regular
priced yarns, pattern books, and accessories.

Happy knitting!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Market Bag, 1 of 2

I finished one of two market bags needed for gifts for the teachers for year end. I used this pattern and Bernat Handicrafter potpourri ombre (one of those big skeins). Started June 5 and finished it on the 6th. (It was sooooo slow at work yesterday I had lots of time to knit.) I hope there's enough left in the skein to get a complete bag, but if not I'll have to get a contrasting color to do the top ribbing and handle. I'm actually on the ball for a change. I have the dishcloths I needed finished already and one bag. I'm usually last minute. Ravelry details here.

I looked back at the details of the first bag I made like this. I used bigger needles for that one, but this bag has so much stretch that it doesn't really matter much. I think I kinda like the tension of this bag better, though. Think I'll stick with these needle sizes for future bags (3.5mm and 4mm, which is what the pattern calls for).

Remember about WWKIP Day this coming Saturday, find a WWKIP near you. Details of ours can be found here and here.

Today is my SIL's 25th birthday. It's also 6 years ago today that our FIL died unexpectedly at age 52. It's a good/bad day all in one.

Happy knitting!

Friday, June 05, 2009


I finished up the discloths for the Oldest One's classroom helper. I used Bernat Handicrafter in hot pink and over the rainbow. Started June 2, finished the 4th. I used 4.5mm needles and this pattern. Ravelry details here.

I got the rest of my garden planted yesterday, finally. I had everything in except for the peas and beans. I also have some tomato plants to put out, but they can wait a bit yet. I need some soil for the tires I'm putting them in. (Got three no-good big truck tires to plant them in.) I have a teeny bunch of rhubarb, so I picked it.

Then cut it up and cooked it with a bit of water and some sugar...

...then mashed it all up into this. Yum!

Gotta work this weekend, so if anyone is around and wants to visit I'll be there tonight and tomorrow. Next weekend is WWKIP Day. We've got the annual Fishbowl Sale back. Discounts are 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40% (mostly 25s).

Memory Lane/Ball n Skein
1 Gorham Street, Liverpool
Come celebrate the joy of knitting with us!
Start time 11am.
Store is open 9-4.
If it's fine we'll sit outside.
Please bring a camp chairor folding chair.
All day long! Draw a slip from the fishbowl to determine
your discount from the Ball n Skein department only,
then shop away! Discount will apply to all regular
priced yarns, pattern books, and accessories.

I'm actually off this year, so when the gals head on down to Mahone Bay I can go, too!

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Broadripples for Two KALs

I finished up the fugly broadripples (Ravelry details here) for my BF. They qualify for two KALs, the Sock-A-Month KAL as June socks, and the 52 Pair Plunge III for my first pair. These socks were started May 27, finished June 1, Broadripples in Bernat Sox crazy hot. I have enough leftovers to make a pair of fugly vanillas for the Littlest One.

The Kertzer rep was in today. We have ordered all six new shades of the bamboo sock yarn. They are matchy match for heels and toes! The other three colors not shown in this link are a wedgewoody blue, a nice taupe, and a variagated one that would go with either of those colors if you wanted solid heels/toes. We also ordered the ten new colors of the 4ply. (The other five aren’t shown on their site yet.) We also ordered Northern Worsted Tweed, not shown on their site yet, all six colors, would make gorgeous sweaters, more shades of the Marble DK, and also new Marble Baby. The Marble Baby isn’t on the site yet, either. There are five shades of that, we ordered them all, as well as the patterns that go with it. There’s also a new bamboo book that has patterns for summery tops in it.

I think that’s all we ordered. It is split into two orders, so some of it will be here in July (they are still waiting for their shipment), and the rest will follow in August, I believe. If the container ship lands early then we’ll get some of it sooner. They had lots of nice, new stuff at good prices, but this is it for now. We’ll probably have more new stuff in the fall cuz we are going to be replacing some of the stuff we have now, I think, that isn’t moving so well any more.

Happy knitting!