Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!!!

Have a Happy New Year everybody! Drive carefully - have a designated driver, walk, call a cab, crash where you are, whatever! Have fun tonight doing whatever it is you choose to do. Go out, party, stay home, knit, watch movies...

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kinda Cute

Came across this today. It's kinda cute if you have odd ends of eyelash yarn.

The other girl at work is going to try one of these, I think. I like it, but that's an awful lot of stitches to keep track of!

Hope everyone is recovering well from the holiday dinners! I posted some pics and had them in the order I wanted them, but Hello! decided to rearrange some of them.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Darren with some of his new Transformers. Posted by Picasa

Ahh.. the moment we were all waiting for -- Christmas morning! Posted by Picasa

Yeah! It's time to open gifts! Posted by Picasa

Logan with his very-hard-to-get Mega Air Jumper. Darren also got the Grave Digger one. Posted by Picasa

Some of the aftermath. Posted by Picasa

My candleholder from the boys. Posted by Picasa

My necklace from the guys. Posted by Picasa

They each got a Spongebob shaving set from Santa for Christmas. Posted by Picasa

Before! Posted by Picasa

After! Posted by Picasa

They each get to open one gift of Christmas eve. Posted by Picasa

All is quiet in the house on Christmas Eve... Posted by Picasa

Christmas loot! Posted by Picasa

Darren opened up a Transformer for his one present on Christmas eve. Posted by Picasa

Logan opening his one present that he is allowed to on Christmas eve. It was a fire truck and tool box of tools. You can take the whole thing apart, toolbox and all. Posted by Picasa

This was Christmas eve before the cats' gift was molested. You can see the start of some mishchief, can't you! Posted by Picasa

This is what the cats' gift looked like Christmas morning. I head them at it all through the night. Posted by Picasa

Pumba and the cats' present on Christmas morning. Posted by Picasa

Work sock I made for Dad for Christmas. I wrapped this one and put an IOU in it for the other one. I didn't have time to finish it. I should get it done today, tomorrow at the latest. I also made a pair for my step-father-in-law. Posted by Picasa

The other day Logan and Simba watched the Teletubbies together. Simba watched the entire show. He's always liked TV. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Merry Christmas everyone!

I have just about all of the mess cleaned up. The boys are probably playing with ten toys at once - they keep bouncing from one thing to another non-stop. I think they got everything they wanted. They seem happy, at least. I will have some pictures posted, but probably not today.

I got a really nice gold necklace from the guys with a "#1 Mom" pendant. I will try to take a up-close pic of it. The only thing knitting-related I got was a set of bamboo needles in a case. I think I will go open it up and take a look. It's still sealed in the plastic right now. Ma and Pa did give me money, and I am going to order three books and some sock yarn from Knitty for myself. I got a robe with matching slippers, a hanging metal and stained glass tea light holder, Yankee candle tarts, and some odds and ends in my sock. I also got an LL Bean jacket from Ma and Pa, and a really nice cake holder from the in-laws. The boys got way too much, as usual. I bought hubby the whole DVD set of The Trailer Park Boys, which of course was out of stock, so I had to write it in a card for now. I also only finished one of Dad's work socks, so I wrapped it up with an IOU for the other one. I should have that finished by tomorrow.

Later today we are off to my parents' for supper. Tomorrow we are going to the in-laws for the night (provided the boys behave and I don't get aggravated and come home). Going to take some basic knitting with me - probably UFOs. I want to get everything finished up before I start anything new. Got a bunch of stuff for the store as well as two pairs of socks for myself on the go.

Happy knitting and have a wonderful Christmas Day everyone!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas Eve

Have a Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Hope Santa finds you all!

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Almost Ready

I'm almost ready for Santa. I have one pair of work socks left to make, and I should be finishing up a scarf either tonight or tomorrow morning. All of the things I "had" to make for Christmas gifts will be done. After Christmas I am going to concentrate on finishing up my UFOs before starting any new projects.

As for non-knit gifts, Santa only has a few stocking stuffers to get, and I have a few things to pick up tomorrow afternoon. Then voila -- all that's left is some wrapping. Most of it is done, but there's still a few things left. I will probably do them up tomorrow night after the kids go to sleep. I have to work tomorrow afternoon, Friday from 2-8pm, and all of us work Saturday from 9am-4pm. That's always a crazy day, but there's always some "Christmas cheer" later in the afternoon, if you get my drift. (Although we've been known to hide it in the darkroom and sneak it a whole lot earlier than what we're supposed to! Problem is they usually don't have anything I like.)

Well, must go try to finish up the scarf and catch the last bit of Trading Spouses.

Happy Knitting and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas slippers. This is the first pair like this I've ever made. I haven't made slippers since I was a teen - and I never used this pattern, either. I also made a man's pair in grey and black and am in the process of making another pair just like these ones. I have enough yarn left over to make the boys each a pair as well. It was a hard pattern to find. Shelly at work knew how to make them, so she told me what to do. She did find the pattern on a website, but about a week later Phentex was taken off their lists of yarns, and the pattern page disappeared. I didn't use Phentex slipper yarn - hateful stuff. We marked it all down when we took over the Ball n Skein and got rid of it. I did use cheapy old Phentex Dynasty, but it knits up nice. Good enough for slippers, and the recipients of all three pairs couldn't care less what I use. Posted by Picasa

Twin buttonhole bags I made pre-felting. One is at the store, one is a Christmas gift. I used Briggs & Little Atlantic wool. I like the green. I think after Christmas I may make one this color for myself. Mine is light blue and green, more spring/summery. I forgot to take an after pic. Posted by Picasa

Darren with Santa at the fire hall kid's Christmas party today. All the kids get a treat bag with an apple, an orange, chips, chocolate bar, candies, and candy canes. They had fire truck rides, coloring pages, cookies to decorate, and hot dogs & milk or pop. Posted by Picasa

This is as close to Santa as what Logan would get. Face buried in Daddy's neck, "I don't like Santa! I want Mommy!" He got a treat bag anyways. Posted by Picasa

Darren gets to put the star on top. He's getting too big, so we soon may have to get a ladder and help him get to it that way. Although he did say next year Logan can do the star, and he'll do the first ornament, but things may change by then! Posted by Picasa