Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two Amigos, One to Go

I knit one pair of socks in January, pair #2 of Three Amigos.  This pair is for Hubs, plain stockinette knit on 2.5mm, heel over 34sts, toe to 24sts.  The yarn is Austermann Step, cast on January 11, finished the 25th.  Ravelry details here.

So now there's one pair left to go for the Oldest One.  I'm hoping I have enough yarn, but he prefers shorter cuffs, so fingers crossed!

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Make It Stop!

The kids had their second snow day of the season today.  I am ready for spring and summer.  Make it stop!  We've had such a good winter, and pretty much all of the snow from last week was melted except for the snow plow piles.  Sunday was a spring day, it was at least +8C and sunny, simply gorgeous.  Now we get snow again, and the temperatures have dropped.  It's going to be a cold week with snow in the forecast for Saturday again! 
Happy knitting!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Day

Well, the kids didn't get a snow day yesterday, but they did today!  It stopped snowing around 10am or shortly after.  It took me about 15 minutes to get Bessie to run (the snowblower).  She's 10-11 years old, and the poor girl has never had an oil change, tune up, nothing, but she never lets me down!  She only had to make an appearance once last winter and once the winter before.  This was her first appearance this winter.  Snow is in the forecast again for Tuesday (we've had it too good, now we'll pay!).  Once we get a week or so with no snow in the forecast I will get her serviced.

This is Maggie, but both girls love to go out and shove their faces in the snow.

Jewel's turn.  It was really cold today and tonight, I didn't like them out too long. 


I would be just as happy if this were IT for snow for the season, but I won't get my hopes up!

Happy knitting!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Snow!

We got our first real snowfall of the season last night, probably 6" I would guestimate.  Up til now we've only had a light dusting of snow, nothing more, never enough to cover the grass.  (At least not right in town - some of the outlying communities have gotten enough snow to cover the ground.)  However, it stopped just before midnight, the temperatures got above 0C, the main roads were cleared, and the kids had school.  Mine we quite mad they didn't get a storm day yet!

The garage had some funky snow happening on the roof this morning.  It has a metal roof, and the snow slid down both sides from the peak and just kind of cupped the gutters on each side.  It was the same way on both sides.

You can see the grooves in the snow from the ridges on the metal roofing.  It didn't stay that way long, about an hour after I took these pictures both overhanging sides fell off.  It was around +4C today and sunny, so half of the snow is melted already.

And some little kitty must have made a trek through the yard this morning. There are several cats in the neighborhood.

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First FO of 2013

Finally, the first FO of 2013, a pom-pomless (well, actually 2, but the grey one was done first) Pom Pom It! hat.  They are both knit with Briggs & Little Atlantic on 6mm needles.  The dark grey mix hat was started January 3 and finished on the 5th.  The mulberry hat was started January 6 and finished on the 7th.  

I did 20 rows of twisted rib (only twisting the knit stitch), then I turned it like I do with those other hats, did the twisted rib for 25 rows, then I shaped the top like the pattern said.  Only thing is with the grey hat I only did 10 rows of stockinette before shaping, the mulberry hat has 12 rows of stockinette before shaping. (I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn with the grey hat.  I could have done it, though, because I decided against a pom pom.  There would have been enough yarn to do the 12 rows but not enough for a good pom pom.  And Hubs was like, "Don't put a silly looking pom pom on it, who's gonna wear that?" Stick in the mud!)  Ravelry details here.

The grey hat got to have a workout tonight.  We are getting our first real snowfall of this winter season, and I went out a little while ago to clean the steps and walkway off and the small driveway where I park.  So I wore the grey hat.  It's heavy, wet snow, and the forecast is for it to change to rain after midnight, so I wanted to keep it cleared up as much as possible.  We've got probably 6" down.  Then tomorrow night is a deep freeze for us, -16C, Friday a high of -8C, but the weekend both days are supposed to be up around +5C and rain on Sunday.  So I don't foresee the snow sticking around for very long, it usually doesn't.  But it's looking like the boys may have their first snow/storm day off school tomorrow!  Yay for sleeping in! lol

Happy knitting!

Monday, January 14, 2013


Another birthday this week, the Littlest One has entered the double digits -- 10!  He got money, of course, and we got him this neat game.  The duck charges off the gun, then it flaps its wings and flies around, and you have to use the gun to shoot it three times with an infrared beam to make it stop.  It only keeps the charge for about 30-40 seconds, but it's kind of cool.

And of course there's always a home made (well, cake mix) cake.  His was rainbow bits with whipped vanilla frosting and lots and lots of sprinkles.

He chopped it right in half, no fooling around, lol.

Yesterday we had a combined bowling party for the boys.  They had yet another cake (I have an awful sweet tooth, but I must say at this point I am sick of cake!), this one was a fancy store bought Transformers marble cake.

They mostly got money, but one of the Oldest One's friends got him these really flashy pink fuzzy slippers, lol.  They made him try them on. I kind of think they'll end up mine!!

Happy knitting!

Monday, January 07, 2013


Someone turned 13 today!  Happy birthday to my Oldest One!  Love you bunches, XOXO!
Getting so many candles on the cake I didn't need the flash, lol.

They always get a home made cake on their actual birthday.  They also get to pick their birthday supper (provided it's something I can make or get in town and isn't crazy priced).  He always asks for sloppy joes, never fails.

Next Monday the Littlest One has a birthday, so on Saturday they are going to get some of their friends to go bowling.  (And the L.O. has already put in his order for Dixie Lee for his supper!  He is his father's son that's for sure, little chicken hawk.)

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

FOs of 2012

FO count for 2012 was even lower than 2011! Must do better in 2013.

watchcap hats -- 5
socks -- 18
felted slippers -- 2
hats -- 2
scarves -- 1
market bags -- 4
child cabled vest -- 1

Total FOs for 2012 = 33

Happy knitting!

FOs of 2012:
Open Studio
Camo Watchcap
Hobby Socks 10
ONline Socks 11
2 Pairs Ankle Socks 12 and 13
Repeated Tangerines 14
Anniversary Socks 15
Pembroke for W
M's 1st & 2nd Ankle Socks 16, 17
M's 3rd Ankle Socks 18
M's 4th Ankle Socks 19
4 Market Bags
Easter Egg Socks 1
Yucatans 2
Escalator Socks 3
Harris Tweeds 4
Sockhead Hat
Rudy Got Sole 5
Black Jack Watchcap
1st of 3 Amigos Socks 6
Rumor Scarf
Bonsai Slippers
Moonrock Slippers
Two Gold Watchcaps
Joey's Thujas 7
Tommy's Socks 8
Rainbow Watchcap

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy New Year`s Eve last night. 

Got a couple of final FOs of 2012 to show, but first I am going to post this watchcap that I made back in January that I don`t seem to have posted.  I think I was waiting til I had them all finished for the year, but then I went and posted the others as I did them.  So this one was the first.  It was started January 28 and finished the 30th, knit with Kertzer Northern Worsted in camouflage US ombre. The Littlest One wore it to school once after I made it, and I never saw it again.

This next one is my final FO for 2012, it is knit with Patons Canadiana (leftover skein from this scarf), started December 22, finished the 31st.  Details on both hats here.

I whipped up another quick pair of Thujas for a friend who always complains that his feet are cold when we go to hockey games at arenas other than ours (which is heated).  (So that means all of the other ones at this point in time.)  The yarn is Briggs & Little Tuffy in greystone with oatmeal heels, toes, and cuff.  Knit on 4.5mm needles, they were cast on December 25 and finished the 27th.  Details here.

And I also think I forgot to show these, a pair of socks I made for the Littlest One on 2.5mm needles with Austerman Step yarn, cast on November 11, finished the 29th.  I did a 3x2 rib for these ones, they`ll all be different so I can tell them who`s is who`s, lol.  I have enough yarn to make a pair for the Oldest One and Hubs as well, so I was waiting to see if I could show all three at once.  But I got sidetracked, and the other two pairs will be 2013 socks.  I`m not worrying about matching the stripes, either, or I will run out of yarn.  Details here.

So that was it for 2012.  I`ll do a summary of 2012 FOs in a separate post.  It`s way down again this year, dangit.  Must do better for 2013!

Happy Knitting!
Happy New Year!