Saturday, April 30, 2016


Got a couple of pairs of vanilla socks finished.  The yarn is Kroy, first pair turquoise jacquard.  Ravelry details here.

The second pair is mulberry stripes, details here.

I've got one more pair finished but not blocked or photographed yet.  I've also started - dare I say it - Christmas knitting!  I've got a pair on the go now that will be put away and plans for two more pairs.  Plus I started a list of gift ideas so I can try and so what I say every year I am going to do - start my shopping early - but that never seems to happen.  I do have a few things in a box already, however, and the knitting helps.

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cuba 2016 Part Four

On the way back from Havana we went over Cuba's tallest bridge.  The pictures don't do it justice, believe me, it was VERY high up.  (110 metres according to Wikipedia.)  I'm not a fan of heights and was glad we were driving over it and not walking.

We stopped in Varadero for a bit of shopping in the markets.  When we were done and waiting for our friends I just stood on the corner and snapped some old car pictures for my Dad.  I took a lot, but here are a few of the cool ones.

Back at the resort there are always birds looking for a free meal, lol.  They'll land right on the table beside you or a chair, looking for a handout.

Of course, the day we left seemed to be the very nicest day of the whole trip.  Sigh.

Time to go. :(


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming - next post!

Happy knitting!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cuba 2016 Part Three

Thursday of our Cuba trip as Havana day.  There was a friend of ours from town and his girlfriend who were staying at a resort two over from ours.  We decided to all chip in on a cab to Havana instead of the bus tour.  Way better and way cheaper.  They provided a driver and a tour guide for 300 pesos.  They picked us up 8:30ish and brought us back shortly after suppertime.  They take you where you want to go, it's up to you.  I highly recommend I Love Cuba Photo Tours.

It was Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, never saw so many pigeons together, lol. There was a little old lady with a big bag of seed who would put some seed on your shoulders, head, etc, then you were covered in birds, lol.  Kinda creepy.

I can't remember who the tour guide said this statue was of, but he's supposed to give you good luck if you touch his beard, finger, and foot at the same time.  See how shiny those three parts are from all the people doing so.

I saw one teeny tiny lizard at our resort the whole time we were there on like the last day or second to the last day.  I was happy when I saw this guy in Havana along with another one on the rock behind him.

These next two statues are real people!  I didn't know the man was real until our guide told us that's a real person.  Then he moved, and it was freaky.  The fairy lady was walking down the street ahead of us and assumed her position on this rock.

Hubs liked this statue - naked woman riding a rooster and carrying a fork.  

One of the places Ernest Hemmingway used to hang out.

According to our guide, this building is one of the oldest building in Havana.

The only wooden street in Havana.  It runs in front of the old presidential palace where the royal family used to live.  The cobblestone street created too much noise in the daytime for siesta, so they made a wooden street so the family wouldn't be disturbed at nap time.  It was highly expensive, so they only did one street.

Huge statue of Jesus that overlooks Havana.

Another spot where Hemmingway used to hang out.

Image of revolutionary guerrilla fighter Camilo Cienfuegos in the front of the building of the Ministry of Informatics and Communications. Our guide said that is NOT Osama Bin Laden, lol

Ministry of Interior building with Che Guevara. "Hasta la Victoria Siempre" (English: Until Victory, always). 

Colon Cemetery, a massive 57 hectares.  We didn't go inside, you could pay to take a half hour tour if you wanted to.

Morro Castle lighthouse

I wonder how long it would take to be pulled over on a Canadian highway for driving like this, lol.

Happy knitting!