Saturday, January 01, 2011

FOs of 2010

adult socks - 27 pairs
child socks - 4 pairs
hats - 5
mittens - 4 pairs
felted slippers - 14 pairs
scarves - 2
baby cardis/sweaters - 2
shawls - 1
knitted toys - 1
felted cat beds - 1
cowls - 1
dishcloths - 12
finger puppet blanks - 50

Total - 124 finished knitted items for 2010!

This is a good way to reflect on the good and bad (if there's such a thing as bad) points in my knitting. I'm happy that I did lots of socks and slippers, those seem to be strong points in my knitting. However, I definitely would like to increase the number of items for the boys. In compiling my list I discovered that the Oldest One got 3 pairs of socks and a hat/mittens/cowl set, and the Littlest One only got one pair of socks last January. Hubs benefitted with lots of socks this past year. I really need to start making more stuff for the family, and stuff other than socks (but still making socks, too). This year goals are to finish that afghan from ages ago and my cardigan from last January. I'd also like to make a few sweaters this year (even though from looking at my larger item attempts I'm probably doomed for failure). Also on my list for this year is to learn to crochet so I can make some ripple afghans!

Happy knitting! New Years Eve details to follow next post when I've got more time.

Happy New Year!!

FOs of 2010:
Dad's Cadet FX Socks 17
Green Bamboo Socks 18
Bright Stripey Socks 19
1st Thujas for Hubs 20
Double Bump Scarf
Hat, Mittens, Cowl Set
2nd Thujas for Hubs 21
Scrap Happy Mittens
My Slippers with Soles
Ravelympics Shawl
Sock Yarn Baby Sweater and Hat
Light Grey Ribbed Socks 22
Bittersweet Socks 23
Harris Tweed FX Socks 24
Which Came First?
Slither Socks 25
Charity Socks 26, 27
Sunshine Socks 28
Desert Storm Socks 29
Faded Denim Socks 30
Camouflage Socks 31
Wooded Denim Socks 32
Weekend Socks 33
Bronzed Berry Socks 1
Father's Day Socks 2
Dishcloths for Teachers 2010
Ribby Socks 3
Weekend Socks Again 4
Blue Tweed Socks 5
Quill Lace Socks 6
Tangerine Vanillas 7
Bluebell Cardigan
Par 5 Socks 8
Tutti Frutti 9
Easter Egg Socks 10
That 70's Cat Bed
Lotus Slippers
Cascade Toddler Socks 11
Fire Opal Lace Scarf
Fall Flare Slippers
Harvest Mish Mash Slippers
Paprika Spice Slippers
Dragon Orchid Slippers 1
Dragon Orchid Slippers 2
Bird of Paradise Slippers
Silver Mercury Slippers
Silver Mercury Slippers Reversed
Forest Slippers
Chestnut Forest Slippers
Shreky-esque Socks 12
Candy Cane Socks 13
My Cruisers
Hermione Cable & Eyelet Hat
Felted Footies 14
Second Lotus Slippers
Gene's Cruisers
Two Marsan Watch Caps
Dad's Socks 15


Blogger Marti said...

I can help you out in the crochet department. We'll have to just pick a date and meet so I can teach you. I did a whole slew of crochet coasters this year as gifts and I'm working on an afghan right now. It's satisfying sometimes, because it goes so quickly.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Donna M said...


11:40 AM  
Blogger Heddy said...

wow - busy year! Poor Logan though - get busy making things for that little fella!

4:54 AM  
Blogger Frieda said...

Wow !!!! How did you do that and do you ever sleep ? My little list looks pretty puny ...

4:52 PM  
Blogger Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

WOW!! Inspiring me to start keeping track of my finished knitting.

9:07 PM  

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