Thursday, July 30, 2009


Not much knitting content to show. I've been working on some socks for BF. I finished the first one yesterday at the beach. I'm using Austerman Step, 2.5mm needles, and doing a 3x1 rib. Been working on the afghan, too, and have 28/48 squares completed and sewn together.

The water at this beach wasn't quite as warm as it was last Sunday, but it was good enough that I actually went out a ways into the waves. For a short period each summer the water gets funny colored, almost red looking from a distance, really yellow up close. This almost looks like apple juice... or something else. Anyhoo, when it does this I can actually go out into the waves and not go numb, it's quite warm.

We went to another beach just a relatively short drive away, and the water there was crystal clear and green looking from a distance and so cold that I couldn't even put a big toe in without it going numb.

There's a freshwater stream that flows into the ocean on the other side of the dunes on the right of the top picture. That's not bad, and when the tide is high it's deep enough to swim in. This beach is usually good for sand dollars, but we didn't find many of any size. Most of them were teeny tiny, like the size of a dime, some bigger, some smaller. The tide was almost at its lowest, so there were lots of these guys roaming around.
Look, a herd!
I'll leave you with some pictures of some of my lilies. I love stuff that doesn't require a lot of care. The close up of the orange one is my current desktop background.

Happy knitting!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stretch Monkeys

Finally finished the Patons Stretch Sock Monkeys in the plum colorway -- started June 30, finished July 24. Ravelry details here. I've since started another pair using Austerman Step. These ones are just 3x1 rib, plain old socks for my BF for her birthday. I've had the yarn for awhile in the stash, intended for me cuz it's green, and I like green but don't have much for green socks. We still have more of it at the store, so I figure I can grab another skein for me if I have to.

Evil Maggie strikes again. Came home the other day and was going to make spaghetti for supper. I didn't know how much I had, so I had picked up another package. I left it on the counter and had to run to take my mother to town. When I came home I saw Jewel pick up something off the floor. Didn't clue in for a few seconds, then it was like, "My spaghetti!" Here's what I found on the sofa.

The guilty one automatically assumed the I'm-cute-rub-my-belly-pose.

She is the devil in disguise. (And luckily I had enough spaghetti and didn't need this.)

Happy knitting!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I have been to many concerts, and I must say that KISS put on the best show of them all. Can't imagine who could top them in their classic outfits, platform shoes, make up, fireworks galore, flames, explosions, smoke machines, Gene with his fire breathing and blood spewing.... It was excellent.

We are on the far right of this picture, probably off the side still, and not too far back. We had an excellent view, plus there were two small screens on either side of the stage and a huge one behind the band. The rain stopped shortly before they took the stage. (The six opening acts had to contend with the rain.) They played for an hour-and-a-half, the classic 70s stuff. I much preferred the 40 minutes-or-so encore -- that's when they did the 80s stuff I like best. They've got a new album coming out in October, and if they happened to come back to Halifax to promote that one I'd be there in an instant. There's a lot more to a KISS concert than the music! (Lots of people had their kids there, but I was glad mine weren't -- the second-hand weed smoke was enough to choke a horse. Glad Hubs didn't have a random drug test for work today, lol! I forgot just how much that stuff stinks, and we were in the great outdoors.)

I knit a hat for Warm Hands Innu Knits on the drive there and started another one on the trip back. Pics to follow shortly.

Happy knitting!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Frogging We Will Go

Upon sewing up the six squares I've made since the weekend for Ma's afghan today, I noticed in what was already done a boo boo. Can you see it? I suppose since I haven't got a picture of what it should look like no one would (except maybe Marti since she knit one thus the reason for me knitting one). There should be a purl ridge row on each side of the bobbles. It's only on one side. This was seamed on three sides.

So every time I looked at it, all I could see was the offending square, couldn't stand it. Everyone that knows me knows that I am anal. This thing could probably be seamed better, I hate sewing up, and this has a lot of sewing, but I want my squares all the same, the way they are meant to be. I couldn't live with the fact that this square was missing one purl ridge row. All day long as I was doing errands, grocery shopping, watching the Littlest One's soccer, I thought about that darned afghan square. (I know, I'm pathetic.) So.....

After supper, a frogging we will go! I ripped the seams (which was surprisingly easy for a change, sometimes I don't know what I do when I do a seam, but undoing it is torture). The offending square has been frogged back to the boo boo (why couldn't it have been the ridge on the other side of the bobbles? me no like bobbles), reknit, and reseamed. It is now back where it belongs, and I pray I find no more boo boos. (At least it wasn't a finished afghan when I noticed it! Oh, the horrors, the horrors!)

Upon returning home from the Littlest One's soccer game this evening, Jewel met me at the door with this in her mouth.

Empty peanut bubber container one of them lifted from the sink where it was awaiting rinsing out for the recycling bin. Most likely Maggie -- she's terrible for getting into the sink or reaching up on the cupboards to take what she isn't supposed to take. Hard to see, but the only peanut bubber (yes, that's what I call it around the girls) is at the bottom where lapping canine tongues can't reach. The rest is licked clean.

Happy knitting!

PS 20 of 48 squares are completed! I've done six since my July 11 vow to do at least one square per day, so that's pretty good. Fingers crossed I keep it up to get this thing finished!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Deja Vu

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Does this post look slightly familiar? Last summer I went to the same beach with the same project. Here I was today, 11 months later, at the same beach down the road from NovaKnitter's house knitting the same afghan squares for the same afghan! I am such a slacker.

It wasn't super hot today, and when we first got there many dark clouds were overhead.

The water was dark blue out a bit, and closer to shore it was green. We hit there right at high tide. Although it looked beautiful, the water was too cold for me. I was happy to sit and knit.
Within an hour of getting there the clouds got lighter and fluffier...
... til there were barely any at all.
I swear kids have no feeling. They braved the water, especially the Oldest One.
Wharf across from the beach.
Nothing really else to tell. I'll leave you with some creative shots. Must go get ready for Knit Nite.
Happy knitting!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Inca Dinca Doo

I whipped up a little chunky baby cardigan. It's Inca Dincadoo, started July 9, finished the 11th. I followed the pattern exactly except I didn't crochet the edges cuz I don't crochet -- yet. (Right, Marti?) The yarn is Bernat Baby Coordinates Chunky in colorful cozies. Not my most favorite yarn cuz it has one of those shiny strands through it, and I find those snaggy. It's a cute sweater, though, size 0-3 months. I like the offset wrap in the front. It's knit in one piece, but you have to seam the sleeves and sides. Ravelry details here.

We took Maggie to the beach for the first time the other night. She got really perplexed cuz the kids were too far ahead of her. Both of them got perplexed, actually. Here they are dragging me down the beach.

The tide had just gone out, and the beach we went to always gets a nice "puddle" of water that gets nice and warm. It wasn't deep enough for the dogs to swim in, but we walked through it anyways. Maggie was hilarious! She kept leaping in the air, like she was trying to jump out of the water and stay out. (There's a video clip at the end of the post. It was hard to take cuz they pulled so badly.) Neither dog likes waves. I found out last year that Jewel was not a fan of the waves at all, she likes still water.

We went to the far end of the beach where fresh water runs into the ocean. Here it is warmer at low tide, so the kids went in for a swim. I had Jewel swimming here last year (she's not a big fan of swimming, she likes to feel earth under her feet). I didn't have shorts on, so I couldn't take them out far enough to swim, and the kids can't control these pulling freaks.

Of course, these two had to bark at and harass any other dog they saw walking on the beach. Other dogs going, no leashes, staying with their owners.... my two would be off like a shot.
This isn't a very good clip, but it was the best I could do.

Check out this contest tonight over at Wandering Cat Studio. It ends tonight!

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Privateer Days

This weekend gone by was our town's annual Privateer Days. They always did this when I was a kid, then for years it disappeared, and several years back it started up again. It lasts for four days, it actually started last Thursday, and ended Sunday night with a nice fireworks display. Saturday was parade day. We just walked down our road and watched the parade go by in front of the fire hall. This first picture is from near the beginning of the parade with the troops of the King's Orange Rangers and their muskets. They shoot these off continually during the parade. I have a video clip on here of it. I had another one, too, that is right in front of me and longer, but I can't get it to upload. Tried three or four times, and it failed each time.

For the first time in years the store put an entry in the parade. I missed it, but the owner's daughter and two of her friends walked in front of the van with a big banner lent to us from the cable company we represent.
This is a replica of our local former train station which is now the Hank Snow Country Music Centre.

The guy on this float is a Canadian Champion woodsman. He is from the other end of the county. My boys love to watch him on television (and they are fascinated that Pa knows someone who is on tv). Every summer there is a big competition in town, so this was kind of the advertisement for it. This year it happens August 29 and 30, and TSN will be there to film six episodes for their station. Saturday east coast competitors vie for the top five positions to compete Sunday against the top five competitors from the west coast. The winner is the Canadian Champion and goes to Switzerland in September to compete at the World's.
There were lots more floats and stuff, we usually have a really nice parade. It didn't rain, but it was overcast which was good in a way. I always feel bad if it's hot and sunny for the poor people who have to walk, especially those in costume. The women's outfits have many layers, and the men wear wool. This was a nice float from one of our local drug stores.

I did get some knitting accomplished. I made yet another Little Sister's Dress. This one is for a friend in the US who just had his first baby. She was a month old on the 4th, so I have to get this in the mail this week. This one is size 6 months, and I used Bernat Baby Jacquards in cherry berry on 3.5mm needles. Started June 30, finished July 5. Ravelry details here.

Last night I went on a winding frenzy. I have a ball winder but no swift, so it's slow going. I caked up five or six skeins, one of them tangled and was hard to get untangled, but I got it eventually. I have six skeins of sock yarn left to do. Seems like every time I want to make a pair of socks lately the yarn I want to use is in a skein. This way if it's all done then it's ready when I am.
Happy knitting!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I finished another pair of socks. These were Pair #4 for the SAM7 KAL, Pair #4 for the 52PPiii, and Pair #2 for SOS09. They are Monkeys in Cherry Tree Hill silver streak, started June 21, finished the 30th. Ravelry details here.

Too bad the pattern didn't show up better. I thought it would look better in this colorway, but it's really kinda hard to see. I have cast on for another pair in Patons Stretch Sock in plum that I am hoping will show up better. I haven't made it out of the ribbing yet, so it's still a mystery.

Sock knitting kinda got put on hold for a few days. See this tiny spot on my hand towards the bottom of the picture? I kept sticking a dpn in that spot for some reason, every time I was shifting my stitches on my Monkey socks. Anyways, all around that spot is soooooo sore. I put some presciption cortizone ointment on it and covered it with a band aid for a day, so it's a lot better now.

So in an effort to heal my hand I went with something on circular needles. This is my third Little Sister Dress. I'm using Bernat Baby Jacquards in cherry berry. This one is size 6 months and is being made for a friend in the US who had his first baby girl. She's almost a month old, so I'd best get it done and in the mail before she outgrows it! I love this pattern, and I really like working with the Jacquard yarns, too.

Today is the start of our town's Privateer Days. The sun is out finally, but I don't know how long it will stay. Saturday is parade day, so hopefully it won't rain. The current forecast is showers. Sunday night is fireworks night, so fingers crossed it will be clear for those. We have had really nice fireworks displays the last few years. The kids are excited for the rides. Yesterday for the first time in eons we had some organized Canada Day activities. The weather was cool and drizzly. We had a small fireworks display, and it was really quite nice. Sunday's will be a lot better, but it was nice to have something on Canada Day for a change. I worked at a local hotel for 4.5 years before working where I am now, and there was never anything going on except for the local Legion's garden party. All the tourists were like, "This is Canada Day, and you guys don't celebrate it?!" (This post is dated July 1, but I only uploaded the photos. It's written on July 2.)

And on a sad note, everyone pretty much knows I love my British sitcoms, especially Are You Being Served? -- Mollie Sugden, aka Mrs. Slocombe, died yesterday at age 86. Her wild hair colors and talk about her pussy! (cat, that is) LOL! She and Mr. Humphries were my favorites!

Happy knitting!

PS Friday and Saturday are tax free at the store -- everything in stock -- including cameras and computers which are usually exempt. Come in for a visit if you're around. We'll also be cooking stuff for people to sample using the coconut oil we sell, and reps from the cell phone and cable companies we deal for will be there as well with some specials.